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  1. Springs have been sold. Jeff
  2. For anyone looking for BBR fork springs for their 230 mine are listed on Ebay.
  3. Sookerider, If you had read this thread you would know that Turntech's cased battery is bigger than the wrapped model. It will not fit where he mounted his. Jeff
  4. Yes, Because for almost the same size and only 5 oz. heavier I got a 9 a/hr battery instead of a 2.5 a/hr. Jeff
  5. Well here is how I relocated my battery. I realize this is not for everyone because I use my 230 only for MX and we don't see a lot of deep water crossings. First I opened up the top of the airbox and made a cradle to support the battery 3/4 of an inch down into the box. Then I cut the battery box off just below the mounting tab. This allows me to keep the starter relay right where it was. I bolted it to the airbox with a 1/4 inch bolt and a couple flat washers. It flexs enough to come in and out of the frame. Then I drilled 19 1/2 inch holes in the left side of the airbox (farthest from the filter) They also go through the side panel. I also relocated the negative battery cable from the starter bolt to the cross brace under the seat. When I install the seat it touchs the top of the battery holding it firmly in place. Sorry these shots are out of the bike but my shock is at the suspension shop and I took this in and out enough doing the mod. I'll get more pics when it is all together. Jeff
  6. This sure is tough without being at the bike. When you checked the tensioner you did lock it open to reinstall it and then released it after it was installed right. Just a thought. Jeff
  7. I am just on the north side of Detroit.
  8. Mike, I am glad you asked me that because my son had listed it for me and he got it wrong. It is not a Pro series, It is a Steel Gasser with Remote Reservoir. I have had him add a correction to the ad. If you still want to know rider weight, it was ordered for me (was a present so I didn't order) and I weighed 210lb. at that time.
  9. If anyone is looking for a Works Performance shock for CRF230/150 mine is listed on Ebay. Jeff
  10. Are you certain it is coming from the cylinder? I would pull the clutch cover and the ignition cover and look for a bolt or screw that has backed out and is making contact with a boss on the cover or something. Since you describe it as a peck peck peck it would not seem to be at crank speed. Maybe one of the four clutch lifter screws. Jeff Late thought, did you check the cam sproket bolts? One of those hitting the back of the cam cover?
  11. Max, Then let me appologize for taking it wrong. Biggest problem with typed discussions is how we all interpet things differently. Only thing you could really check on a 230 without pulling it out of the frame is the chain tensioner. If the sound is coming from the cylinder area and it is not the cam or valves the next suspects are the cam chain (these hyvo chains are very reliable) tensioner or the cam chain guides. Does the sound change with RPM? Cam chain slap would be worse at idle. Jeff
  12. Maybe We need to be clearer. You are asking for help and you have not even done the most basic checks yourself. Since you choose to do the least possible and get upset when we want some actual useful information not just "it goes peck, peck, peck" I for one will give you all the help you deserve a very hardy Good Luck. Jeff
  13. Just curious about your "everything was tight" comment. Did you check the valve lash with a feeler gauge? The valves will tick even when properly set. If yours are loose or worse yet tight they can make some pretty good noise. Jeff
  14. Outstanding Chuck. The only thing I would add to your post is to have the Countershaft, Swingarm pivot and Rear axle in line when you measure your center to center distance or you will measure short. Jeff
  15. The ROLLERS are in pairs. TWO per LINK Maybe it is too complex for some. A 121 link chain would have 242 rollers and just to finish you off, it is possible to have a chain with an odd number of rollers by using a half link. Better luck next time. Jeff