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  1. btphtog

    dirtbike vs cop vs train!

    The amazing thing was he walked 50 yards down the track trying to stop the train rather than have everyone push the car off. He just stood around doing nothing.
  2. I know there are a ton of upgrades for making the CRF50 an adult bike, but what can I do to improve the suspension for a 50 pound 7 year-old? She is just starting to jump and already it sounds like a ton of bricks when she lands with the stock suspension. I don’t want to go the KTM route, yet. Anything I can do with out spending a ton of money?
  3. btphtog

    The boring part of motocross

    It's cool that your working on taking better turns. Many riders only want to practice jumping. Turns is where you can gain a lot of speed. However the others are right about fanning the the clutch. It takes a while to get the hand of, but after some practice you'll understand what we are talking about. You will gain speed by learning to fan the clutch on any two stroke esp. 125cc and below even if your in the "right" gear. It's when you find yourself in the wrong gear in a slippery left hand turn that knowing how to slip the clutch is really going to pay off.