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  1. There wasnt anything good on TV, What can i say, LOL
  2. I blue loctited all the fasteners already, It's funny you mentioned the inner rear fender, because just today i noticed crap getting thrown in there and basically did what you recomended. I dont plan on altering anything, Except taking the plug out of the air mixture screw, exaust pops real loud when down shifting, And mayby putting a shim under the needle, and a 14Tooth front sproket, Thats all i have planned.
  3. works for me to.
  4. Thanks, Link works now.
  5. CROOKS, That link didnt work. got an error message.
  6. I just joined Did use the search function and found out what the doohickey was, and ALOT more usefull information. I dont plan on doing TO much off roading or climbing over rocks, But if i have a change of heart once the warrenty is up WHO KNOWS what i'll be doing. LOL Do these things smooth out once they're broke in? Dont get me wrong it runs great but it's like a wore out dog at times.
  7. Where exactly is this "doohickey" located? Yes it is a red one. Actually looks like more of a maroon color to me.
  8. It came with a skid plate already installed. I plane on just leaving it stock,no need messing with something that already runs GREAT!!! (if it aint broke, dont fix it) Just looked over the paper work and it does say 24months Zero % interest, maybe someone messed up on the paper work. It seems i do remember them saying something about 6.9% for 2 years then it goes to 9.6 , either way it worked out for me.
  9. Hello, my name is Robert and i am an ADDICT. Walked into the Kawasaki dealer today and walked out with a new 06 KLR 650, Didnt intend on buying it but they gave me a sweet deal ( I think) Zero down,Zero% interest for 2 years, 69.00 a month, they even cut the freight charges from 497.00 down to 247.00, Everything including tax, title, freight, and Bike cost me $5,970, I must say that this is one SWEET ride. I have 7 kids so the goverment gives me 6,000 a year for my income tax refund so this thing will be paid off in 2 years. Is there anything bad i should know about this bike? Even though it's too late now, LOL
  10. The exaust valves, Power valves are variable meening their position actuall changes with RPM's (opening more, higher rpm's, or closing more, less rpm's)
  11. I believe it is 32:1 8oz for 2gallons.
  12. I am absolutely amazed at how much better my RMX 250 runs since i took the powervalves out and completly cleaned them!!! dramatic improvement. When i got them out they were BLACK and sticky like rubber cement, carbon was about a 1/16th to an 1/8inch thick on parts of the valves, Took about an hour to get them all nice and shinny again but it was well worth the effort, And for those of you like myself, who has never attempted to do it, It is as easy as pie. ( I have never worked on 2 strokes before)
  13. Yes, I found that out for myself!!! scary situation! But thats another story.
  14. could someone fill me in on what are the differences between the 2 Bikes? Just curious because i have rode both and couldnt tell. Both seemed to run and perform like each other.
  15. Thanks, I'll just put them on dry, Grease sounds like a good idea so you dont have to spend forever scrapping the gasket off next time. I'll remember that. Thanks.