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  1. kx256

    kx450f vs yz450f?

    I actually bought an 07 YZ450f and a 07 KX450f. I don't know why I got 2 different brands this year. The YZ handles a 100 times better out of the box. I don't know about the motor I never rode it stock. The Kawi has an awsome stock motor but the suspension sucks. Bad!!! It's tall, wants to push to the outside and stands up in every turn. Out of the box I think the YZ is a better deal. You get good bars, rims and a true 5 speed. Set the sag and it's ready to ride. In the end I decided to race the kawi but now after everything it feels just a little better than my YZ. I don't know what level you ride at but you will spend less money on the YZ.
  2. kx256

    New Pics

  3. Simple Green degreaser.
  4. kx256

    Suggestions on Boots

    I don't have a set but I've heard alot of good things about Gaerne SG10s. I have O'neal hardware boots. This years boot seems to be better than previous years.
  5. kx256


    I went to practice last night and after my first moto it started pretty easy. It just made me a little nervous that a new bike wasn't firing right away. I had an RMZ 450. It feels good to get on something with 5 gears.
  6. kx256


    Anyone have a hard time getting a 07 started. This is my first new bike that has been this hard to start. I've only got about an hour on it so that might be it but I was just wondering if anyone else had this problem.
  7. kx256

    How much $$

    I think a spoke set is around $100 and to lace and true the wheel would be another $60-$70.
  8. kx256

    Rough Running 07 YZ450F

    My 07 did the same thing. Afetr about an hour of break in I put a white brothers system on it and it went away. The stock exhaust is garbage.
  9. kx256

    450 Price????

    I just got off the phone. $6000otd for an 07. Where in Colorado was this place. When I called I talked to someone in Missouri.
  10. kx256


    6700 good for out the ddor on a 07 YZ450F.
  11. kx256

    450 Price????

    Is 6,700 out the door a good price on a 07 YZ540F.
  12. kx256

    anybody from MN

    Last time I was in MN I raced against Heath Voss at spring creek right before he got a deal from some casino up there. I wish I would have gotten my moneys worth. Heath would lap everyone but himself. Riding was great along with the summer.
  13. kx256

    Death of the 2 stroke!

    I own and race both. This argument will never end. It's been along time since I've entered a harescrambles so your probably right. I just get tired of the old argument 2vs.4. Top pros have had choices the last couple of years. Tell me whos still on a 2 stroke taking titles.
  14. kx256

    Best exhaust for an '06

    Suzuki has been paired up with Yosh for a long time. You won't go wrong.
  15. kx256

    Death of the 2 stroke!

    Obviously you haven't been too either.