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  1. smooney

    Shim Sizes

    yeh the numbers are worn off, pretty crap, but yeh ill figure it out wen i bring them to the dealer to get some shims.thanks
  2. smooney

    Ex valves

    yeh same is happening to mine at the moment.im shimming my exhaust valves and my intakes are perfect, its the first time they needed shimming and its had about 30 hours on it:crazy:
  3. smooney

    Shim Sizes

    hey, does anybody know what is the standard shim sizes on the exhaust and intake sides off my 06 crf250??i have the cam off but i hav a crap calipers that isnt very accurate,its the first time the bike needs shiming and all i need to know is the size of the standard shims that are in it. im gettin a good calipers tomorrow but if any of you's could tell me that would be great.i want to get it running good for my next practice:ride: haha
  4. smooney

    250 burns oil

    could be valve stem seals or piston rings!!!
  5. smooney

    Pics of your CRF 250's

    heres my beast. total animal http://i42.photobucket.com/albums/e310/mooney46/DSCN1451.jpg
  6. smooney

    Away with Duals?

    HGS is a european company that makes a very good single for the 06 model. i think u can get it in carbon fibre or stainless steel.
  7. smooney

    05 or 06

    The Bogging problem is very easy to fix. I jus bought a 06 and it had a torque tube put into it and that solves the problem. it only cost something like 50euros over here. i dont kno how much you would be charged in America but im guessing it would be cheaper.
  8. smooney

    2006 Kxf250

    thanks lads i actually hav the choice to get the brand new 07 kxf wen it comes out soon so im not sure which to get. the 06 bike has some stuff added to it and hasnt much hours on it. thats why i like it. id be gettin the 07 for the same price as the 06 one so im confused now im going to hav a look at the 06 bike tonight so hopefully that will make up my mind
  9. smooney

    2006 Kxf250

    hey guys im thinking of getting the 2006 kxf 250 and im jus wondering wat yous think of them and wat problems they hav. im upgrading from a 2005 cr125 and jus want to be sure. Thanks