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  1. philipstjohn

    Electrical Issue - blinkers going fast

    did I miss the type of bike and or dual sport kit installed?
  2. philipstjohn

    XR 650R Right Foot Peg fix

    Many have gone this route... http://www.animalhousedesigns.net/products.htm
  3. philipstjohn

    MY NEW XR650r

    Looks like a good find. Wait until you can't get rid of the ear to ear grin that develops from riding it!
  4. philipstjohn

    Tail light almost got me killed.

    A led rear light has have worked for me so far... but I always check my lights prior to hitting the road.
  5. philipstjohn

    Denn10's next bike

    I wonder at times who is who but wow, Denn is fatter then I thought, Agent 2 is older then I thought... You guys are as old and fat as I...
  6. philipstjohn

    Any new Honda News?

    Hear about the XR700R?
  7. philipstjohn

    Pemex Fuel

    Thanks again for all the feedback. I think I will be blown away with all the growth in Baja- The Finistera Hotel was about all Cabo had back in the day. Sounds like the fuel quality has gotten better over the years...
  8. philipstjohn

    Pemex Fuel

    Thanks for all the responses... I am sure if you seek fuel out of a drum in a small town, you should be concerned. Back in the day, I lived in a small town in Mex, and tried to buy when the fuel just came in.
  9. philipstjohn

    Pemex Fuel

    Its been almost 20yrs since I have been apart of the races or doing Surf trips in Baja. I am considering a position to run a Fishing resort near Cabo, and wonder how well the XR650R will run on Mexican fuel. We had some troubles back in the day with the trucks knocking on the fuel, but we always brought our fuel for the toys so I am not sure how the bike will run on Pemex. Any comments or suggestions? Thanks guys...
  10. philipstjohn

    Mexico Bound/ Pemex Power

    Good idea- its been almost 20yrs since I was apart of the races, or doing Baja surf trips, etc. and I know at times the fuel back then gave us some problems, primarily engine knocking under heavy loads. But we always brought fuel for the toys... and our manual suggests higher octane for the XRR
  11. philipstjohn

    Mexico Bound/ Pemex Power

    I am considering running a fishing resort near Cabo. This would put me in a position to run Mex fuel in the XR650R. I have never ran Pemex in the XRR. Has anyone, and how does it run? Do I need to add an additive or? Let me know the hot tips on running Mexican fuel if you can. I have a stock motor, but uncorked with the usual mods. Thanks...
  12. Still looks like my ugly sister all dressed up!
  13. philipstjohn

    Where's the gas gauge??

    the price of fuel just was to high...
  14. philipstjohn

    Who is Dave?

    The next question should be Who is Brian? But instead of asking that we will concentrate on why are all the R guys spazzing out on the L posts all the time? That is not spazzing- just pointing out the reality of the situation...
  15. philipstjohn

    "L" guys dreaming of having an "R"

    Not again- come on guys, especially the ones that really understand- please do not try to compare the R and L again-Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, now Panera Bread- you know who you are- not an R rider so get over it!