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  1. ADVnaut

    Will '06 WR450 Engine Fit '07 YZ Frame?

    Awesome, thanks man. I figured there were some changes but I hadn't heard of that one.
  2. How's it going? I have a '06 WR450. I have a chance at picking up a '07 YZ roller. Will my engine fit the aluminum frame? My bike is cherry but the roller is cheap and I wouldn't mind upgrading to aluminum. I have the jets dialed in so I am not concerned with the tighter access. I just don't know if they changed the motor mounts from the steelies to aluminum frames. Thanks guys.
  3. ADVnaut

    Frame guards for 06 WR450

    Haha, you got me there. I even quit taking my own advice for that very same reason. No problem on the reply. Good luck. I may have to check out the mastic tape for my bike. Here's a link to my garage if you want to see the other views. I am very happy with mine and I got them on crazy sale for $30 regularly $100. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/garage.php?do=viewvehicle&vid=7721
  4. ADVnaut

    Frame guards for 06 WR450

    Yep, it's the same. That is the model carbon fibers I have on my bike.
  5. ADVnaut

    Frame guards for 06 WR450

    I have carbon fiber guards on my '06 from Universal Motocross. They don't cover high but it is common for people to put grip tape on the frame where your boot tops rub. You can see a closer pic of the guards in my garage.
  6. Hey that's cool, I guess you have access to a milling machine? I don't think you have missed anything. You are definitely transferring more energy to the head with the triple clamp mounts. But you have 100's of percent more structural integrity to lean on. I definitely see your point but I crash enough in tight single track (i,e. not rocks at WOT) with my WR steering like a tractor in sugar sand that I would go broke buying levers and bars. I may forge some mounts out of 5160 steel that will absorb energy and bounce back. I can get a little more height that way too for my taller bars.
  7. Creaakkk up from the dead, but hey I'm the OP at least. I am getting new bars for my '06 WR and wanted to know what is the tallest bend bar someone has gotten away with and still able to mount the cycras on triple clamp brackets without modification? I am thinking about protapers in a KX high bend or Windhams as I ride standing up. I am 5'11". Any other recommendations?
  8. ADVnaut

    Sam Houston National Forest

    Man, I go away for a bit and this whole place changes. Hey Jake. Any cuts or bruises lately? You were on a roll for a while there. I need to get out soon but not sure when.
  9. ADVnaut

    Fork seals... What the hell?

    I use Shock Socks on mine, I like them because they are velcro and easily removed to wash them and the tubes. But, I have gotten some wear on the sock from my guards sliding up and down on the velcro if I don't wrap them just right. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/garage.php?do=viewmod&mid=48328
  10. ADVnaut

    Bike lifts and stands

    I have this one and I love it. I waited for it to go on sale at sears and got it for $160. Don't get the one at HF similar to this, it doesn't have a good safety latch like this one. The best thing about this jack is its versatility. I use it on all kinds of stuff and trust my Harley on it no problem. It might not go quite as high as the one you pictured, but it will get under something much lower, and it also comes with two removable plates that will get you about three inches higher and more room to wrench under. By the way, the capacity is 1500 lbs on this one, the capacity of yours would scare me as I like to climb on mine sometimes while it is on the jack.
  11. KJ, They are deceivingly close to RC4's in appearance, but I finally tracked them down. They seem to be AXO MX-1's. This and one other reference to them is all I could find to their existence. Thanks for all the replies. If anyone has had this boot please let me know. https://www.sierratradingpost.com/p/5105,25198_Axo-Mx1-Moto-Boots-for-Men-.html
  12. I talked to the owner, they couldn't find a model number where an RC-# boot would have it, so I think they are probably an economy boot that probably sold for ~$100 or so when new. This may not be a bad thing for me though as A-star tech 4's have just the right amount of ankle movement for the riding I do. Not too stiff but give decent protection when I hang my toe on a root or rock and it gets pulled under my peg. I found a better picture of the same kind of boot on one of my other haunts but haven't heard back from a PM, they were being sold in '03
  13. I will just use them for an extra set of trail boots. I don't want MX stiff like tech 8's or anything so I can get around in them while in the woods. $60 doesn't seem bad for all three but I wanted to get someone's advice before committing, since I really don't need the extra gear except the helmet.
  14. I ran across this package deal on a pair of Axo boots in my size, a Fox chest protector, and a Fulmer helmet (looks to be a few years old, def not ancient) that I could use for my wife. They want $60 for the lot. I have good boots and a chest protector but I don't mind having backups for when I get soaked on the trail. Anyone recognize the Axo's and are they any good. I looked around on the net and couldn't find this version. They look like they might be in the A-Stars tech 6 category or even four for all I know. I have only had A-Stars so I can't be sure. Thanks for the help.
  15. ADVnaut

    Texas OHV Riding area, please respond

    Hey Y'all! I just got the e-mail indicating that the Angelina Trails are a go for a private entity. Man, I like to see like minded people in action. Good job everybody. That's one more trail to protect and add to our legacy. Gig 'em