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  1. Join HRCA as an e-member for only 10 bucks a year and you get a service manual for one vehicle of your choice
  2. all this talk about sandwiches and burritoes sure is getting me hungry...
  3. It's not the boiling point of the fluid that matters, it's the boiling point of the water that is soaked into the fluid that makes the difference. Brake fluid sucks moisture right out of the air (which is why you should always use a sealed container) and it absorbs very little into brake fluid, I think a couple hundred ppm. We have had forklifts that will build brake fluid temp, past the boiling point of water (it can do this because the brakes are under pressure when used), then as soon as they let go, the water expands and blows out of the master. A pretty big mess if you ask me...
  4. My back wheel almost came completely apart a few weekends ago with this nice moist Oregon dirt, but it still hurts to crash on... I wish these bikes were better on snow... hehe
  5. Not like the buckles used before were a whole lot better. I can't tighten up the bottom buckle nearly enough. But I guess I can't complain, I found a pair shoved in the back of a clearance rack for 180 bucks...
  6. I'm not sure what the HELMS manual is, but this is the genuine Honda Service Manual that you would buy from a dealer. When you enter service manual, there is an index in a frame to the left and the page in the right. I'm not sure if you can download everything at once, but each individual page is basically a JPEG object that can be printed off or saved as a JPEG picture.
  7. Join HRCA for 10 bucks for an entire year and you get an online service manual for one vehicle of your choosing
  8. Hurry now kids, a once in a lifetime chance to own the bike used by the rider formerly know as RedBeard!!
  9. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=387952&highlight=rotary
  10. First time around not good enough eh?
  11. I don't know of any kits to do it yourself. Trailtech sells rewound stators. You can either send them yours and have them rewind it, or you can buy one with a core charge and send yours back to get your core back so there is no down time. In order to run a lighting flywheel, you have to have a rewound stator. This also puts wires in place so you have something to connect all the electricals to. With the flywheel and stator, you should be able to put out about 90-100 watts, so you can basically run whatever you want. The regulator/rectifier is there so you don't burn anything up.
  12. In order to run off your bike, you are going to need a lighting flywheel, rewound stator, regulator rectifier, and then you'll probably want a small battery instead of a capacitor, unless you like instantaneous darkness when you shut your bike down
  13. You could always try putting that spot where the rim lock is and that may be able to keep it up onto the rim.
  14. What are you riding?
  15. I guess I should be glad my cubicle is a little bit bigger than 6X6, but i also can't sit here nude...