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    Suspension set up for a YFZ450

    ride it, adjust one setting, ride it again. If you dont like it reset to where it was then try another setting...do the same until you find what meets your riding style and terrain conditions. Make note of different settings and what they do for different terrains. alot of rebound in the back will make it hook up better but gets jumpy in whoops and bumpy conditions. if you go balls to the wall sliding in and out of every corner keep the rebound and increase the spring tension, this will make it much more predictable. all and all just make small adjustments and keep note were it was when you started.
  2. hankpumpkin

    Yamaha oil tank not filling up

    Alright, heres whats happening... I just rebuilt the engine on my 05 YFZ sunday, i fired it up and it runs great. But when i check the oil it shows empty! i thought maybe i didnt have enough in there so I added until i got pissed because no matter how much i put in the dipstick would stay dry. i pulled the other plug off the case and oil came running out. No idea why this is happening, if anyone has a clue please help. By the way i checked after the initial startup and it was fine, rode it for about 30 mins, checked it again and it was fine. But when i checked it today it was dry...