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    A Field Guide to Mountain Bikers

    Went for a Peavine ride the other day. Still snow up top, no Dog Valley yet. Noticed that the infamous scissorbill, in true spirit of saving Peavine from the stupid Nevadans, planted a few of the "native" Tulips. Good thing they can protect us from ourselves, otherwise I wouldn't know what we would do!
  2. meanestff

    A Field Guide to Mountain Bikers

    I assume, from your avatar, that you know the scissorbill society well. Apparently your writing skills came from their teachings, probably 4 or 5 years worth. After your extensive studies of the culture, you must know them well, at least better than most. That would probably explain the extraordinary accuracy in your description of the species. Good post. (By the way even the top 5 out of 15 or so, does not put you in the top 1 percentile of your vocation)