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  1. Suzuki

    I bought an 85 suzuki lt50 for my grand daughter. Ive been looking for the vin to get an ohv sticker for it and i cant locate it. There is a plate on the right front of the frame where it could have had a sticker. But its no longer there. And the stamping in the frame is avoiding me. Can anyone clue me in to where to look?
  2. Here are 2 more vids: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-6000135257632701196&hl=en http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=5769641195179030153&hl=en
  3. 2006 Wr450
  4. Here is another, I need to find a better hosting site since the quality falls short with google. Not to mention a better capture device. More to follow when I get time this week. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-3685747415586551703
  5. Thanks, I went for another 6 hour ride today and got about 3 hours of footage. I need to do some editing and I'll post some more singletrack later.
  6. Here is a video I made last sunday in Eagle,Nice day but muddy after rain/snow thurs thru sat. Quality isnt as good being on Google but still ok. The locals call it "The Maze" 2miles long but 3/4 of a mile as the crow flies.The video doesnt do it justice for how steep and twisty it is in spots. Enjoy! Snipe http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=7318189277302853257&q=The_Maze.wmv&hl=en
  7. Keep the br9eg plug for the track run a br8es for the trail and it will help. The problem with the br9eg plug is its a cold plug for hard use as well as extreme temps that are generated during hard track riding(like the bike is made for) but for trail use the engine isnt under as much abuse and will need a hotter plug. An "ES" plug is a standard plug,where a "EG" plug is a thinner electrode plug and is more suseptable to fouling unless ran hot. The fuel mixture loads up around the spark until it can no longer spark through it. The "ES" plug will generate a wide slower spark where the "EG" plug will generate a thin fast spark. Hope this helps.
  8. Rampart is a great place to ride,people just need to use their head about how fast they are going. I go at day break and usually leave around 10-11 am to avoid the croud. Too many close calls there and not even at high speed.
  9. Thats kinda what I was thinking but I'll start with the float setting first and check spark energy after.
  10. My sons 2004 YZ125 studders at the top end and seems to have little to no powerband. We rode last weekend and it was fine at the begining of the day and by the end of the day it started. I have changed the plug,cleaned the carb and reeds,checked the pipe and silencer for restrictions, checked the powervalve operation,air filter is clean. I cant quite place the problem, it seems that if you keep an even throttle it raps out fine but if you hammer the throttle... no power and studders. We just got this bike new from a dealer(but used 2004) about a month or so ago and had enough power that I pull wheelies with it,but not now. Seems like its getting 70% of what it should be. I do know that the floats seem set high as it drips fuel at the slightest lean angle and I will set that tonite but Im not sure that has anything to do with the runnability. any ideas guys?
  11. Ran the bike at Rampart again this weekend jetted leaner at a 380 main and was alot cleaner. I switched needles as well and still have some testing to do. Changed from the stock BR9EG plug to a BR8ES plug to keep it from fouling at idle.I dont know why Yamaha keep these small electode plugs as they seem to have a hard time burning the mixture correctly.
  12. What is the difference between these two needles:(6CHY6-81/6CHY5-81). Obviously one is smaller than the other but which? The bike is a 2004 YZ125 and the stock needle Is the 6CHY6-81 but the 6CHY5-81 looks larger,and fits inside the main shallower. I havent measured them with a micrometer yet as one needle is in the bike still. thanks, snipe
  13. My fuel screw in an "SR" brand and is made of aluminum. I drilled a 1/16" hole through one corner and set the screw to proper adj. Then ran some saftey wire loosely through it to keep from losing it. wont help with the washer and o-ring though.
  14. I've searched the forums for info and I'm certain that the jetting on my sons YZ125 is rich. The main is a 410 and our altitude here is 5800ft, so Im asuming I need to be in the 390 area as a 410 is stock jetting at sea level in the manual. Does anyone know for sure? Yes I plan on doing some testing for sure,It ran like crap at rampart this past weekend and I pulled the plug. It was quite rich and the bike ran like crap until it got on the pipe. Thanks for any info,Snipe