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    applying graphics kit?

    I have tried it this way with my son's bike. It seemed to work pretty well assuming that you don't have wrinkles where the graphics simply does not fit or mold well. One side of the bike went fine using soapy water and it is sticking great after it dried. He used a dry towel once in place to press the water out. The other side was another issue. After multiple attempts in using soapy water the stickiness disappeared. Ultimately, the graphics simply would not fit properly without making some relief cuts. I used a sharp razor blade and some spray on glue from Home Depot. After making the proper relief cuts and spraying on glue, everything went great. The spray on glue is very sticky--you need to make sure you are ready to put it down in the right place fairly quickly. It has been a month or so and all is well on both sides.
  2. Desert Rat Dad

    '06 RM Z450 melted connector--big problem

    My son has ridden his '06 RMZ 450 four times (about 15 hours)--three of the four with a broken foot (basketball). Needless to say not heavy riding. There is a plastic Tee connector coming from the radiator that splits the radiator hose--one end to the water pump and the other to the engine? (I am no expert). He discovered the melted faulty part when adding coolant to the radiator and it started leaking out. When examining the plastic tee connector/splitter, it simply popped off--no need to loosen screws/clamps on the three connected hoses. He then took the cover off the water pump and it was full of melted plastic and other goo. The hose to the engine had some residual plastic in it as well. The last ride, the bike seemed to overheat slightly at the end of ride but no problems. He came home and checked coolant--added new coolant and the above occured. It seems that this would either be a faulty part or faulty assembly. Does anyone have any thoughts or experience with this? It is after hours and I haven't been able to speak with the dealer. I can't even find this connector in the owner service manual (radiator section). This bike has had basic filter and oil maintenance and is essentially brand new. Thoughts??? This part is unique to the '06. The '05 model has no plastic tee. Come to find out I have an '05 manual for my '06 bike.