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  1. love mine. I have about 10 -15 hrs on it.
  2. i got mine at pro circuit. I have an 06
  3. great job man:thumbsup:
  4. will I damage the motor if I don't fix the seal right away?
  5. thanks all for the info guys
  6. hey all, hoping you all can help. here are my problems: first question, I'm having the "spouge" problem. Not coming out of the pipe but, between the two joints. correct me if I'm wrong, but if you have spouge it means your running rich correct? second question: idle's normal when started, but as I'm riding the idle starts to acceleration. bye the end of my ride its almost screaming? WTH I hope you all can help thanks
  7. ok thx
  8. does exhaust packing material specific to 2/4 stroke? I have some FMF 4 banger packing material and I was wondering if I could use it on my 2 stroke Pro circuit exhaust. thx, steve
  9. if its set up for motocross ring it out!
  10. I know I know you where right
  11. So yeah... It has the head gaskets just not used to o rings and gaskets. So I took the water pump and the right side of the cover off and looked around there. I found that the oil seal on the water pump was not fully seated. I'm not sure if this is the culprit.
  12. ****!! I'm such an idiot. I was looking at ordering the complete gasket set, when I realized the guy I got the bike from didn't put the freaking head gasket on!!!
  13. just drained the oil golden brown. if that helps
  14. well I removed the top end. freaking coolant every where, drained out of the top head when i pulled it off the motor.so now what?