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  1. slindahl

    2010 Sucked For MX in District 17

    Probably Galesburg.
  2. Flowers Prohibition on Youth Riding To Be Heard Tomorrow Illinois House bill 5029, introduced by Rep. Mary Flowers (D-Chicago), is scheduled to be heard on Feb. 24th in the Elementary & Secondary Education Committee. The AMA is encouraging riders to contact Elementary & Secondary Education Committee Chairman Michael Smith (D) in opposition to HB 5029. Rep. Michael Smith Email: repmikesmith@gmail.com Phone: (217) 782-8152 A pre-written email response is available by clicking on the Rapid Response Center tab to the right. This legislation would make it illegal for anyone under the age of 16 to operate an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) or off-highway motorcycle (OHM). The proposed legislation would also make it illegal to transport a passenger on an ATV or OHM regardless of whether the vehicle is configured for a passenger. The bill would also require ATV and OHM riders to have valid driver's licenses and wear helmets. This legislation is nearly identical to legislation introduced by Rep. Flowers last year that ultimately died in committee. AmericanMotorcyclist.com Rapid Response Center Contribute to the Cause Get Involved Register to Vote AmericanMotorcyclist.com • Rapid Response Center • Contribute to the Cause • Get Involved • Register to Vote AMA Facebook Page • RSS Feed
  3. slindahl

    Midwest Track Owners Beware!

    Right on, and with a broken femur an ambulance was more than likely called so the info on where the accident happened would now be available to an insurance company.
  4. Thanks for the link, it made taking action very easy. I also urge everyone to participate regardless if it directly affects you or not.
  5. slindahl

    Midwest winters.

    Thanks for sharing, that was awesome!!
  6. slindahl

    KTM 50 Service Dealers

    This link is for MCC in Villa Park, http://www.teammcc.com/default.asp Or in west Naperville off 95th\Wolfs crossing, Craig Adams has a shop. He used to be the service manager for LVC and before that Naperville Motorsports which was a KTM dealer. His # is 630-688-5510. He would be less expensive, but either place would provide honest and quality service.
  7. slindahl

    District 17 sandbagger advancement?

    Riders between the ages of 12 and 15 riding the B class shall not be forced into A class, regardless of how many B races or advancement points he/she has. Riders in this age group may advance based on their own ability/competence.
  8. slindahl

    Bike with no title?????

    If the current owner purchased the bike new he must have a MSO. (Manufacturers certificate of origin). If not look for another bike. There are plenty of nice used bikes out there.
  9. slindahl

    Best IL Tracks

    just call the rider hot line and leave a message for Bob, he'll call ya back and set up some mid week riding.
  10. slindahl

    Fredbud this weekend?

    Was at Freddies today,10/24. Last week he had a guy come out with a 953 (bulldozer) and do up the whole place, WOW!!! it was awesome. Fred will be out there tomorrow if anyone is interested and by the way all the rain just made the track even better.The track is on Gamble road in Hopkins park, just look for the red gates.
  11. slindahl


    The track prep has steadily declined every year since it was purchased from Keith. I have witnessed it first hand and would gladly support the track if the care and effort were put back into it.
  12. slindahl

    Walnut sunday

    That was probably Sewell you saw that was really haulin, Junior checked in just ahead of Kloptowski(410) but Sewell ran em all down from the second gate drop(14-24). He was #89 and railed that sand corner faster than anyone I've ever seen.
  13. slindahl

    MC Motopark

    Track was awesome today. Lawdog, had a great time today you out did yourself with the prep work, track stayed sweeet all day.Next open ride is Labor day, don't miss it!
  14. slindahl

    mickeyo/walnut rentals

    There will be no joy in mudville, got it direct from the source.
  15. slindahl

    National coverage

    http://www.allisports.com/motocross-results This site has all the detailed results.