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  1. kawasaki_986

    Balls of Steel!

    WOW that bike sounded amazing at around 2:45, That bikes back wheel must be turning about 20 times a second.
  2. kawasaki_986

    a physics video

    hey whats the songs in that vid like the bonce bonce bonce one and the jackass theme
  3. Just wondering going riden soon, And its the only oil I got around Thanks
  4. ???? going riden need to know soon thanks
  5. Well heres the deal I can get a pocket rocket for $278.00 should I go for it? All I will be using it for is running up town and jsut driving to my friends houses in my town? Should I get it? Am I gonna get bored of it?
  6. kawasaki_986

    millsaps on the 450

    poo yah