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  1. KingB21

    massive oil leak

    I did put a -1 sprocket in a few weeks back, could this have caused it ? The 2 sides were different and I wasnt sure what way to put it in.
  2. KingB21

    massive oil leak

    05 drz400sm so Im on a charity ride today, just as I pull in and park, some guy yells oil, ****ing bike is pouring out the oil, it was running off the gear shifter, a huge puddle, it stopped, but when I started the bike it started flowing agian...**** me. Had to get a truck and haul it home. Any ideas what it may be, I looked but dont know **** all and cant see shit.
  3. KingB21

    Oil ?

    how often do you check your oil on your Sm ? seems like I'm always adding some, a half of litre today, what gives ?
  4. KingB21

    Forks bent\twisted ??

    thx for the help I went for a ride, and at about 130km\phr the get a massive head shake, and I have a scotts damper on it, is it safe to say I had some problems ?
  5. KingB21

    Forks bent\twisted ??

    05 Drz-sm Ok I had accident, the rear tire spun out on me and I went down on the left side, approx. 60km/phr. The bike hit pretty hard and spun around a few times... From looking at the bars while sitting on the bike I can tell they are bent or twisted a bit, no biggie, time for aftermarket bars anyways... But how can I tell if the forks were damaged, is ther something I could look for? or would I need to take it in to a shop to have it looked at ? I have not ridden it since, still pissed about the whole deal, but what what would I look for while riding ?
  6. KingB21

    Scotts Damper on 400sm

    Thx man, I will call and email him.
  7. KingB21

    Scotts Damper on 400sm

    thx for the reply and tips, I cant believe Scotts has such a cheap bracket, of course they never replied to any of my concerns, great customer service they have I recommend NOT !! buying this for your DRZ.
  8. KingB21

    Scotts Damper on 400sm

    So mad right now, Finally got the scotts damper for the drz-sm. What a waste of money, it comes with a head bracket which clamps onto the neck of the frame, it has a 3 inch or so tube for the pin that connects to the damper unit. So when tension is dialed up high, that piece on the bracket blends and flex's due to the tension which makes a mess of steering... all that money for a piece of garbage, what a ****ing gay set they run for these bikes. I have one on my 2005 750, and one on my F4i I previously owned, I never had any issues and thought it was the best you could get. I'm so disappointed. I emailed them, who knows what kind of lame response I will receive. Does any one use a Scotts damper on your Drz-400sm, if you do, please post up. THX
  9. KingB21

    Need HELP fast !!

    Problem with the yosh full system !! I've had the full system on for about 3500kms so far, everything seemed fine. Then I noticed oil on the swingarm and back brake line. A friend said it looked like brake fluid, so I got it in for service since I have 1 month warrenty left. The ****ing pipe melted everything in its path. The diameter of the pipe is larger than the stock, and is causing the problem. It melted the piece shown in the picture, not sure what it is, but it leaks oil now, and lots.. Has anyone had any issues with this ?? this is a common pipe for the DRZsm Heres some pics, any help would be great !! And to make matters worse, first track session of the year is tommorw night, 5 till 9. Im so pissed... pics are posted here http://supermotojunkie.com/showthread.php?p=144309#post144309
  10. KingB21

    Got the DRZ Back!!!!

    I'm intrested to here the update, so pleaze post up. Good Luck.
  11. KingB21

    The Showcase your DRZ thread

    mine 05 drzsm http://img393.imageshack.us/img393/8429/zdocz9pl.jpg
  12. KingB21

    DRZ Front Fender Graphics

    I went to a local stripe shop in town to get my fenders done, showed them what I wanted and it turned out great !! and cheap... try that...
  13. KingB21

    Bling Junkie

    I got red/white going on with my bike, I really need that red chain, what brand is it ?? http://img390.imageshack.us/img390/2748/zzzzz8xc.jpg
  14. KingB21

    Another DRZsm

    I had them custom made. 1 of 1
  15. KingB21

    Another DRZsm

    after about a week, all the air bubbles went away, the fit is near perfect, but one side of the tank is off a bit, they never pre-cut a one bolt hole, but it came out ok. The quality appears to be very good, no edges have pealed away. I recommend it to anyone... but you need a ton of patience to install them...