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  1. Terible1biker57

    Cylinder fins How do i clean then for paint?

    Get blasted with Walnut shells, Go to Harbor freight. they can hook you up with it all
  2. Terible1biker57

    HID questions

    I have the DDM tuning 35 watt kit in my bmw 325i, I have had them in for about a year and only one ballast has gone out since which is my fault.Never the less they replaced it for free with a $9.95 shipping fee. Their also located in San Diego so its one day shipping for socal.
  3. Terible1biker57

    1998 Yz125

    So I'm Probably going to buy this 98' yz125. I though it wouldn't hurt to ask for any advice for what i should look and whats prone to going unnoticed. Is the 98' A good year? What advantages/disadvantages does it have to say another year yz. Thanks Ill be making the decision tomorrow so all inputs appreciated. Thanks
  4. Terible1biker57

    WR250X in the dirt?

    any new info?
  5. Terible1biker57

    SM450/510R maintenance vs SM610

    check this thread out i started. maintenance intervals http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=663200
  6. Terible1biker57

    sm450r its official

    Ill be swapping a Cummins Diesel into the dakota pretty soon here and hook it up to veggie oil. soon to be 30 mpg 4x4 dakota
  7. Terible1biker57

    sm450r its official

    You have a dodge ram or dakota right?Ya the truck ill be drving is a dakota but its got the 318 5.2 v8. these trucks suck the gas. Oh well looks like ill be drving the truck. thanks guys for all your replies. Socal SM450r ill be hitting you up shortly to go on a ride.
  8. Terible1biker57

    sm450r its official

    ya, i would definitely fluctuate the rpm. I was thinking of just taking side streets till i got to PCH then take that all the way up.im down to ride that far.I love riding haha. shit i dont know, i think im just going to ride it back,take it easy let it cool down a couple times get some food. So what would everyone advise, do you think 3 cool downs in 80 miles would be sufficient. Im going to keep rpms varying and not exceed, acually what should i not exceed.6k?7k?anything else?
  9. Terible1biker57

    sm450r its official

    well i guess ill have to drive the truck that gets 9.8 mpg.
  10. Terible1biker57

    sm450r its official

    i weigh 130lbs
  11. Terible1biker57

    sm450r its official

    alright im picking up my sm450r on the 23rd of this month.one one final question,could i ride it home from the dealership?ITS 80 miles back. my brother is going to comic con in san diego and that where the dealership is.. would is be alright riding that far r:ride:
  12. Terible1biker57

    Question about '08 SM610?

    As far as i know from what ive heard on her,by removing the sensor it throws the computer in "performance mode". a good thing.how does your bike run? its more peppy right.
  13. Terible1biker57

    2009 Tc250

    So the 09 450s should be here mid july in the states. Does that include the sm450 also?
  14. Terible1biker57

    Desperately Seeking 07 610 NEW LEFTOVER

    check malcom smith motorsorts in Riverside ca, they had one a couple weeks ago it was $5,198 sm610rhttp://www.cycletrader.com/find/listing/2007-HUSQVARNA-610WXE-93029916
  15. Terible1biker57

    Maintenance interval on SM450r

    Awesome just what i wanted to here,i was second guessing the sm450r for a wr250x which i know wont be enough power but none of the dealers around here allow test drives:banghead: