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  1. well i got the 09 505 2 weeks ago thanks
  2. thank you for the help, is the shim for the spring like a washer???
  3. also on the spark plug , is the other # CR9EIX 3521???
  4. just ordered the bowl and flex jet. if i do have the new pump design do i still have to put the shim in?? 2nd thing took seat and tank off , loosened clamps around carb, to spin it to remove bowl and check jetting, and crap . do i have to take the sub frame off to do all this, why do they have to make it so difficult. thanks for your help
  5. just picked up yesterday. coming off '05 450 exc. excited to take it out. love to hill climb, and tight techy stuff. what kind of mods do i need to make , jetting , gearing , battery . any suggetions . i'm guessing they made changes from the '08
  6. i was leaning more towards the 505, thanks
  7. mostly long hill climbs and technical rocky stuff. i have an 05 450 exc that i have moded, its ok , i could use more power. that one is real tired, its time for me to put 'em down.
  8. ive done a search here and cant find any comparisons between these 2. any pros and cons would be greatly appreciated.
  9. i just put it together last w/e. ran it for a couple min. then,,,, the parts of the old ring came through and cracked the piston and dinged up the head and no i do not want to have to do this all over again. but i also don't want to split the cases either. but i guess i have to. dangit!!!!!!!!!!
  10. has any one done a top end due to broken rings or broken or cracked piston and not split the case to find the broken ring or piston parts. is there any other way to check and see if there is any hidden pieces w/o splitting case. has anyone used compressed air to blow out any loose debrit.
  11. its amazing of all the posts on these bikes , but haven't come across this one. i rejetted with a 42 pilot, installed the flex air screw. starts 1st or 2nd kick every time. i do have a little bog, and that may be due to the stock leak jet. i'll change that next time i have the carb off. when i was looking the the stock pilot 38 and comparing it to the 42, the 38 had a larger inside diameter. is it possible the previous owner drilled a larger hole. ( they said they never touched the carb.) or is it possible honda shop gave me the wrong pilot. it runs awesome. just wondering.
  12. just bought my son his first 2 stroke. brought it home , took it apart, just to make sure everything is all good. i noticed the back wheel has a little wiggle on the axel. not sure this is the correct axel for the year. the oem parts show the axel to have the cotter pin. how many years of rms use the same rim set-up. and does anyone know why steahly doesn't make a weight for this bike.
  13. just bought a new pro ciruit t-4 exhaust for my 05 ktm 450 exc. does anyone know what jetting to use for elevation 3-4 thousand feet. any help would be super... gr
  14. any know where the best or closest place to have my rear shock rebuilt. im from the fresno area. i have a 2000 yz250. thanks gary:ride: