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  1. yakka450

    My mistake:Air filter cleaning

    I'm with Jerulator.Rock is the go.Forget all the nonsense about it washing out in creek crossings etc.It doesn't happen.
  2. yakka450

    Odometer Setup

    If 1388mm is the wheel circumference,this makes the diameter 441mm.Whereas on my '04 TE it is around 700mm, giving a circumference of about 2200mm,similar to what the manual states. What's this dividing by 1.61 all about?
  3. yakka450

    Powernow or Later?

    Looking on website at a Powernow,and it seems all it does is sleeve down the carb. venturi to effectively make it a smaller carb. hence more bottom-end power,but at the expense of top-end.Like to hear from anyone using one, particularly in a TE450.
  4. yakka450

    more mid-range please

    I'd like to get more mid-range power from my '04TE450.It's standard,apart from a stait-thru muffler core and wire gauze removed from airbox.(Wouldn't mind sacrificing some of the abundent top-end to achieve this.) Ideas anyone?
  5. Why are some manufacturers moving from SOHC to DOHC? I thought SOHC being lighter and having less moving parts would be advantageous.
  6. I read in previous postings that to make the'04 TE450 easier to start cold, drill out the choke/starter jet to 1mm.Anyone know where it's located?It doesn't show up in the parts manual.
  7. yakka450

    swingarm bearings

    Did mine recently,('04TE450) and I just popped them both out together (2 each side)from inside to out with a socket and extension. Yakka450
  8. yakka450

    Spinning thread

    On the rear sub frame ('04TE450) there is a female thread insert that the side-cover bolt srews into.My problem is that this insert spins within the the sub-frame so I'm unable to do up (undo) the bolt.Has any else encountered this?Any solutions?Any suggestions appreciated. yakka450.
  9. yakka450

    Where's choke jet?

    I heard that to improve starting the '04 TE450, the choke jet needs to be drilled out to 1mm.Problem is I can't locate it.Any advice would be appreciated. Yakka450