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  1. Thanks guys. I understand what you are saying, and it probly would be best to replace all of the spokes. But the way they broke I think they caught on something sticking out of the trail because it only broke 3 in a row on one side. None of the others seem to be damaged and they all sound like they are still tight. I looked on the TT store and moose sells just single spokes so I am going that route for now and just hope to not run into any problems. Thanks again.
  2. I was out riding yesterday and must have had to much fun because when I got back I noticed I had bent and snapped 3 spokes at the rim. I called local bike shops and they all say I have to buy a whole kit. Does anyone know where or if I can just buy single spokes? Thanks.
  3. Ill be keeping my return cable in place after a little get off shoved some mud and crap in between the bars and throttle tube make it stick about a 1/4 throttle, so I had to force the carb closed for the rest of the ride until i got home.
  4. Washington

    Well my first enduro ended in epic fail, houred out about half way on the short course getting stuck on the loose ass hill right before check 3 or 4 near sandhill gravel pit, then went the wrong way cause I was tired as hell trying to haul my way to heavy drz-s around all the single track and missed a turn and ended up back at the loose ass hill again, didn't take long after that before sweep crew came to me and a few other guys rescue. If anyone started after 9:47 you defiantly passed me, hehe. All in all still had fun and they defiantly had a nice course, just wish I could have seen the rest of it
  5. Washington

    Does the route sheet say how long each course will be?
  6. Washington

    Thanks LOCKGUY for the response, helped me a lot to understand what will be going on. But I have another newbie question. What kind of stuff do you ride with in the race, as in tools, spare tube, or what have you, or do you just run light and if something goes wrong wait for help?
  7. Washington

    I was thinking of coming out and trying my first enduro ever but have a couple questions. Will I NEED a roll-chart, or is the course marked good enough to just follow posted signs? Also do you have to pre register, or can you just show up the day of and register then? It sounds like a lot of fun and would love to give it a go.
  8. When was the last time you changed oil? Mine seems to catch neutral when shifting from first to second and especially from second to first when my oil is due for a changing.
  9. Not sure where I would get one or what P/N it would be, do you happen to know a source for them and the P/N? Also thanks a ton for your help Eddie, you da man.
  10. Ok, I tried the emr needle on the third clip and it seemed to take care of the slight bog I was having, but it seemed to give me a kinda 1/4 throttle surging feel while I am accelerating from a stop, its not much but its noticable.
  11. Does the clip still go in the same 3rd groove down location with the EMR needle?
  12. Yes it does, the larger one.
  13. Sorry Eddie totaly forgot about the pipe, Its a yoshi rs-3 full exhaust.
  14. Carb came from TT. As for the o-ring mod, I have the merge ap spring which from what I understood would negate the o-ring mod, and the fact that when I wack the throttle open it dosnt bog leads me to belive the AP is set pretty close, I think I read something about the AP only really helping when wacking the throttle open quickly.
  15. Hey guys, I have been trying to dial in my fcr-mx carb I put on my S awhile ago, and hoped someone might be able to help. I have it to the point that it runs great except one thing, lots of mid range power and pulls pretty good up top, but if I am doing very tight trails in 1st gear and try to give it just a touch of throttle like a 1/16th of a turn maybe, I get a bog that makes my weight shift forward a little before it picks up and then shifts it back again, the combination of this on those tight trails is really annoying. It also has this little bog in the driveway just touching the throttle, if I wack it open it revs freely with almost no bog. But just open the throttle a little and it bogs for a second, and even killing the engine at times, I am pretty certain the idle is set high enough. I am running what was recommended for the TT carb conversion directions, 160 main jet, pilot air screw removed,45 pilot, emn needle clip 3, merge fuel screw at 2 turns, and merge ap spring(running at sea level). When I try to confirm my pilot settings I can screw it all the way in and the motor doesn't stall, and at like 1/4 to 1/2 turn out the revs pickup quickly, so I turn the idle down but the revs don't change anymore as i turn it out, if i run the 1/2 turn it bogs SUPER bad and doesn't really get much better until the 2 turns out then the bog is less severe and then 2 1/2 turns the bog gets bad again. From what I have read it seems I need to go smaller on the pilot but it already pops quite ab it on decel and runs a lot worse leaned out with the needle so I don't know what to try.