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  1. smicer

    Show your Dual Sport XR650R

    Hey guys.. I've completed my 2nd fairing on my 2nd XRR. Tested the fairing...it's good so far...the bike still feels light even on the tight stuff with the fairings... At the moment...making the bike road worthy...both the sweetest Hondas. For the future ahead,it's still a question mark on what route to take...
  2. smicer

    Show your Dual Sport XR650R

    Re-live an ol thread. How's everybody doin? Sold my XR on August 2010,and back onto an XR650R again in May last year. Will post pictures soon.
  3. smicer

    Show your PIG

    beautiful shot.
  4. smicer

    Show your Dual Sport XR650R

    Thanks guys... oh...the humidity...it's crazy...even when we did the midnite run to the early morning ride,we have cold sweats.... and berserker...I've always envy those nice riding ground....nice piccies and great adventure...
  5. smicer

    Help needed on Mikuni 40mm Carb

    well thank you very much guys... i think my pilot jet is too big comparing of the sizes both of you is giving... I will try remove the carb myself and try to sort it out. Thanks again...i have a headstart now...I will update on the outcome...fingers cross...
  6. smicer

    Show your Dual Sport XR650R

    here's basically the route. except that right after Krabi,we headed towards ****et and go North West using the coastal route towards Ranong...then crossed over to the Eastern side before heading down south.
  7. smicer

    Show your Dual Sport XR650R

    This was the last ride of the XR on last March when the stock carb starts to give some hiccups on the return trip. I've done a 7days ride on my pig and managed to cover 3250km... Crossed 3 borders,and crossed back the same 3borders,going through night ride till dawn,morning ride till night,superhot day ride up to 38deg,then comes rain,long highways,twisties,steep rutty uphills accompanied by more uphills,downhills with razor sharp rocks,streams,dust,getting lost in some jungles with limited supply of water thousand of kilometers away from home,yeah...basically,this is what we all seek....in the name of adventure.... So,there you have it.... the 100,000km++ XR650R that is still living up to date...
  8. smicer

    Show your Dual Sport XR650R

    Hi Beserker....I'm actually a member of the wilddog forum too as recommended by one of the TT forumer by the name Zumo...i think his nick on the wilddog forum is redrider... Anyways....I am truely sorry for reading this very very late...as for the past couple of months been busy with personal commitments and shifting of house...
  9. Hello everyone... Well....here's the case... My stock carb is toast...and i've gotten myself a brand new Mikuni 40mm flatslide carb for XR650R.. I'm too lazy to do the setting myself,since time and other commitment is a factor,so I've sent it to a local mechanic to get it done. But it seems that he has some trouble with the jettings...he have gone through quite a bit in changing the main and pilot jets followed by positioning of the needle clip and some tune. Bike still feels kinda lean...I can't explain it in the correct technical terms,but here goes. Bike jerk as you trottling off,and when you clutch in to move on to the next gear,as you open the trottle,it takes awhile before the power will feed in again. And another thing is,when you close the trottle,the bike seems to be revving then slowly it will go down if you keep the clutch in. What could possibly the issue here? And what kind of jetting sizes that you guys could recommend? Thanks a million... Cheers, Aj
  10. smicer

    Show your Dual Sport XR650R

    Oh....only once...and actually,that was partly my fault for letting the pig drowned on a kneelength mudpool with the engine running when the bike just fell off and totally full bodied into the mudpools. Took 45mins to revived the pig...but hey,it still runs to continue the trails after that and still able to ride home...infact,i still did rode it few more times after an oil change and carb cleaning right after the fall,but crunching noise starts to built up weeks after. So,I did replace a piston,rings,timing chain,tensioner,valve seals and gaskets...
  11. smicer

    Show your Dual Sport XR650R

    Well...I know that mainstand on XRR is not meant for everyone...so there will be mixed feelings from riders... This was done just hours ago...and it still needs some adjustments...will let you know on some infos if keen...
  12. smicer

    Show your Dual Sport XR650R

    time really flies...in 3months time...it's gonna be my 3rd year on the pig... and here she is now.. close to 100k km...
  13. smicer

    Show us your dual headlight setup

    Well...here's mine...headlite from XR250Baja..
  14. smicer

    Show your PIG

    Hey man....i love the end tip of the stock exhaust...may i know is there any way to purchase it?how much would it cost? Thanks dude...
  15. smicer

    Show your PIG

    my mods on the headlights department.. dual sported XRR!~