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  1. Maybe the side with the dot must be tightened with zero grap. Handelbars from Honda also have little dots to align your clutch perch and front brake.
  2. waveline

    Xr/CRF100 engine compatibility 2004 in a 1994

    Crf 100/80 Xr 100/80/75 engines are all interchangeable, with some own fabrication for the cdi mounting on older frames.
  3. waveline

    Making XR100 Bigger?

    i've installed them on some honda bikes, never see them broken.
  4. waveline

    my new play bike( almost) ready!!

    i'm from belgium, so no problem to get them ,thx
  5. waveline

    my new play bike( almost) ready!!

    what brand of brake/clutch levers are that?
  6. waveline

    Kitaco 145cc Kit Report: Bad News

    crankshaft snapped, never seen that on an engine fatigue? what's all that burr?
  7. waveline

    xr100 handguards?

    from zeta racing
  8. waveline

    bridgestone tires

    i need to replace my xr100 tires, will these models fit? front :Bridgestone M 203 70/100 -19 TT/TL 42M rear : Bridgestone M 204 90/100 -16 TT/TL 52M
  9. waveline

    kx85 fork swap on 94 xr100 info needed

    yes it is, kx85 front assy + tk stem sleeved in the kx stem = xr100 with good suspension. it did it on mine xr
  10. waveline

    smoking xr 100

    start with the piston rings and oil scraper, but since its used alot the engine could be totally worn.
  11. waveline

    Xr100 yoshimura exhaust review

    i have also the yoshi exhaust on my crf100, really nice made,
  12. i did a crf100/kx100 front conversion on my crf with the stock wheel and front brake. but the brake cable is too short. will a cable of a xr200 fit on it and is it much longer?
  13. waveline

    LONG travel anyone?

    looks like a hillclimbing machine
  14. waveline

    Post pics of your modded XR100s and 80s

    no this are kx100 forks with the honda stock drum. but cr forks might work as well i think.
  15. waveline

    2000 xr100 front wheel on 2001 kx85 forks

    a crf100 front wheel fits, but you need a longer axle. a make some bracket to hold the drum brake but it works. i did it.