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  1. I will take a look at them.
  2. Thanks for the replies. Took it out today for the break in, now I will upgrade chain and tear it up!
  3. I am looking to upgrade from the stock chain. So many chains to choose from, which one do you guys prefer?
  4. I am wanting to buy a 09 or newer 450. I dont want to spend $9000 on a new one so I am looking for a used bike. I dont want to buy one that needs the motor rebuilt anytime soon or is on the verge of breaking down. I have found a few used bikes with about 45 hours on them. I know that lower hours is better and upkeep and maintenance also play into this but how many hours is too many hours for a bike before its ready for a top end?
  5. otis332

    Stewart in Trouble...

  6. otis332

    Need help on 2008 wr 250f..

    Completely stock. Does a main jet of 160 seem about right?
  7. I have a 2008 wr250 that has the bottom end bog. After reading the forums seems like I need to check the needle position, jetting and air screw this is what I found about my bike. I am at about 4500 ft and ride about that same altitude maybe lower but not much and possibley up to around 6000. I checked the jet and have a 160 in it. The needle is fixed and it cant be adjusted. I think I would need to get an adjustable needle and is that Jet a little rich for that altitude?
  8. otis332

    Powervalve spring

    Thanks for the replies this has been helpful!
  9. otis332

    Powervalve spring

    I will have to find one of these tools and put it in the tool bag.
  10. otis332

    Powervalve spring

    Thanks for all the replies. I am hoping to get out of the bike in the next week or two, after the weather warms up and give them a try. One last question. When some say that they turn all the way in to flush, I assume that you turn it clockwise until it stops, is that correct?
  11. otis332

    Powervalve spring

    Did you keep it stock of did you adjust it at all?
  12. otis332

    Powervalve spring

    I have an 09 300 xcw that is still stock settings. I have not touched the spring or adjustment. What spring are most of you using? I mostly ride single track that can be tight and technical with hills, or trees. Very little flat wide open stuff.
  13. otis332

    I need to buy a rear disc guard.....

    Thanks, I guess I'll break down and get the entire unit. rather safe than sorry!
  14. I am looking for a rear disc guard for an 09 300 xc-w and I'm hoping not to spend $90.00 in doing this. Can you point me in a direction as to what brand to look at? I looked at Devol and dont like that design.