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  1. Why did you go with a stage 2 Hot Cam? I thought this was more of a top end (MX style) only cam.
  2. I need some help and info with the following mods: I just purchased an Athena 280 Big Bore Kit for a 2005 CRF 250X. The 82mm piston that is included in the kit is not "high compression". I'm having trouble finding someone who makes a "high compression piston" that will fit. Any suggestions? I also need to purchase a high performance cam. I'm considering purchasing Precision Concepts (developed with Honda) 1X International cam or a Stage 1 Hot Cam. Does anyone know what the differences are? Where is the best place to purchase a complete Titanium valve kit? Thanks in advance for your help.
  3. What do you like about the Athena 280 Kit? What were the benefits over the stock setup?
  4. I'm thinking about buying one of the 2 kits for my Honda CFR 250X. What are the benefits or differences between the Thumper Racing 270 Kit v.s. the Athena 280 Kit?