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  1. abs600fzrr

    xr200r tool bags (approx size needed)

    i got the smaller one i found is for a xr400 with dims as follows: 6"L x 4.5"W x 3.0"H its will be big nuff to put my wallet, cell phone, 4 spark plugs and a plug wrench in it...thats all i need. i got black also.
  2. i had a bunch years ago but sold the xr's, now that i got one again and love it, i need a tool bag like the older gens. i covered my 2002 to a long travel one and saw some red OEM replicas on ebay. i almost bit BIN until i saw the dimensions, then i saw dif size and now im confused on what size was close to the 84-88 xr200r tool bags. the smallest one i found is for a xr400 with dims as follows: 6"L x 4.5"W x 3.0"H the next size was for the oldschool xr250r and xr600r which was 8"L x 6"W x 2.5"H i wanna be able to carry my spark plug wrench and some plugs for my bike and the g/f's quad when we are out. thanks in advance!
  3. just need to add fork oil. 2 sets, cant use them, want them gone. free + shipping. pm me for details. if not gone in 1 week i scrap yard.
  4. abs600fzrr

    84-91 xr200r kick stands longer then 93-02?

    you are my hero...off ebay i go!
  5. i finished up my long travel swaps today and i figured i'd need a longer kick stand. are the 84-91 kick stands longer then 93-02? my bike leans over super hard. please let me know so i can go buy the correct one. thanks
  6. abs600fzrr

    Lowering XR200

    it is work doing the long travel swap. its about $50-75 shipped for forks, $12 for a longer brake cable. $50-75 shipped for rear shock. i did my long travel swap for $90!
  7. abs600fzrr

    Reusing gaskets

    i never reused them ONLESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ive installed them and have not run the motor yet (exable like forgetting to install somthing in the motor or changing and engine cover cuz i found a better one) one a motor is run for more the 5 mins ive noticed the gaskets start to stick and the hell with gasket sealer buy an etire gasket kit and fix it the right way so you dont have to fix it again.
  8. abs600fzrr

    Lowering XR200

    yeah if you want shoter suspention i have 2 sets of 2002 forks and 1 rear mono laying around, $50 + shipping they are both yours.
  9. abs600fzrr

    Lowering XR200

    the correct tool would be a spacer wrench but a good old hammer and a flat head screw driver will break the 1st locking tang loose on the mono shock. from there you can just use a large adjusting wrench.
  10. abs600fzrr

    to fast but still small

    keep the bike and ride it, or save up and buy a dif one, if not wait til dad will buy u a dif one. personaly i'd keep it at your size.
  11. abs600fzrr

    Lowering XR200

    pull the forks thru the tripples like an inch, adjuster the rear shock by loosening the tangs and thread them all the way to the top and reteighten. also make sure it does not have long travel shocks swaped out, alot of them do now i have 2 extra sets of short travel forks and shocks. post a pic!
  12. abs600fzrr

    what 4 strokke for me

    xr200's are cheap like $600-$1000 normaly
  13. abs600fzrr

    oil gets dirty fast

  14. bike looks nice but i liked it before!
  15. abs600fzrr

    1990 YZ 250 worthwhile project?

    If it was super cheap i'd buy it, it will still provide many hours of fun and does not mean it has to be an MXer anymore