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  1. yeah i panted the wheels on my exploder and it tuned out awsome...i just used regualr black paint, cleaned them up good and scuffed them up so the paint would stick. and yeah do use thin coats cuz it sucks when you get a run...i was lucky to save the couple i had.
  2. you sure you didnt miss count?
  3. very true, i got 2 new stock valves, and sent them my head and valves, they cut the seats and installed the new valves. money well spent, i did that last season and my valve clearance is still perfect.
  4. michelins are great tires...i also like maxxis's...they wear really good, a little harder to get on the rim but i think its worth it
  5. has anyone had any problems at all with there pitster motors, i want to buy one for my xtreme