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  1. Nothing wrong with being slow, everybody has to or should start that way. Sure, for you mortals. I was doing knack-knacks exiting the womb !!!
  2. http://www.ktmtalk.com/ for all your KTM info needs.
  3. Wow. And to think I was bummed that I didnt make the ride. Looks like I was lucky I didnt make it! You guys may be a little too much for me. J/K E-Bay is your best bet.
  4. OK, my buddy is 50/50, and will confirm one way or the other tonight....sooo, maybe we'll be there, but certainly dont wait around for us. If we dont see you, have fun & be safe.
  5. I may join you guys. I haven't ridden in weeks & am dying to get out. One of my buddies might be able to go as well. Been having trouble getting my riding buddies & my schedules in sync ! I'll know more after tonight, poker night w/my riding buddies. I'll post up tomorrow morning. Hopefully thts not too late to let you know. If I show, I'll be on a KTM300MXC, may have a Honda rider or two w/me.
  6. I did a http://www.zabasearch.com/ for that name. No Quinton, BUT there are several Aldermans listed, so you can narrow it down by the date of birth listed. You can probably narrow down who his parents might be, age-wise. There are one or two people with the right ball-park age to have a kid that age. It lists their address/Ph. number too. Good luck.
  7. I've never ridden Ambrose. What is it like? Sandy? Whooped out? Single-track? Thinking about going Saturday (Apr 21st).
  8. I may be in as well, but would be meeting y'all @ the trail head in StHelen.
  9. She IS MiDirtriders.com ! She & her hubby run the site........
  10. Heh heh, that's cute! That's like Chuck Liddell saying he can't fight because he just got a manicure!!!
  11. I really havent changed my price since last fall. I have mixed feelings about selling it as it is! $6500 is what I'd need. Kelly Blue Book Retail is $7195...........
  12. Hmmm, I happen to know a guy selling '03 GSXR1000 !
  13. It was a good idea to revive this thread, as I asked the same thing, but in one of his other threads, but got no response.
  14. Carl, What's the latest on your outdoor track in Holly? Can you give us an update? Dont let the whiners get to you. Some poeple would whine if you gave then $1000 cash, they'd say the bills arent crisp enough........ Keep up the good work
  15. I agree w/CaptainDan. BTW, is this the same CaptDan from LakeStClairNetwork? Anyway, Matt is a very approachable guy. There are as many different suspension set-ups as there are people, meaning, everyone likes something different from thier suspension. A customer has to work with the person doing the work. Input from the rider is KEY. The dude doing the set-up can't be a mind reader. If you have problems w/your suspension, it's as much your fault as his! Anyhow, MCR MUST be good if Travis Pestrana hired him! Dont you think?