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    So, what exactly constitutes a "pit bike"?

    I can relate
  2. DesrtRyder7

    Cure for Cancer!?

    No financial interest but, if this is the real deal i might completely switch majors (i guess that's a financial interest); right now I'm just majoring in Engineering. Sorry my first post does look like spam, i just got really excited and started keyboard vomiting. Anyways, i found out what that chemical is called. It's Annonacin, which is a Monotetrahyydrofuran Acetogenin and it isolates and stops cancerous cells (there are always cancerous cells in the body, they just are inactive until triggered) from reproducing in mitosis causing them to die on their own; so it doesn't actually kill cells, but prevents them from reproducing. http://www.sciencedi...024320503001905
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    Cure for Cancer!?

    Does anybody have an opinion on this?
  4. DesrtRyder7

    Cure for Cancer!?

    There is a fruit that grows in tropical countries called guyabano which produces a chemical that kills cancer cells and has been found to be more effective than chemo; actually there have been several studies and experiments during the mid to late 70's have shown that guyabano is 10,000 times more effective than Adriamycin, the drug given in chemo, however, medical companies were unable to isolate this chemical and therefore could not patent the drug so they decided to keep quiet about it. Here's more about that story http://guyabano.com There's a story there where one person's dad was in the 3rd stage of cancer (my aunt was in her 3rd stage of cancer and passed away a couple of days before Christmas) and was administered heavy doses of guyabano before, during and after his radiation and chemo and his cancer when away and hadn't come back for two years - TWO YEARS and that was posted last year! The 3rd stage of cancer is suppose to be incurable! Anyways, here's the link to that story and more. I'd like to get second opinions. Maybe my Aunt could have lived, but she didn't; but if this stuff is true, then maybe others CAN live. The guestbook from the website i posted above has a bunch of different stories of people who's cancer did not come back. http://guyabano.com/Guestbook.php Oh, keep in mind that since this stuff only grows in tropical countries, alot of the posters won't be from America or Europe, so their English will be poor.
  5. Its a pretty good video with go-pro footage from 2011 USDR Races and us just riding out in the desert. The music compliment the footage and all-in-all it's a good video.
  6. DesrtRyder7

    ThumperTalk.com Youtube Channel

    Wow, endurocross looks - how should i say this.... frustrating!
  7. DesrtRyder7

    1998 CR250 Bad head gasket causing idle surge?

    Hmm, i should make sure it's all clean and smooth. Thanks for the advice!
  8. DesrtRyder7

    1998 CR250 Bad head gasket causing idle surge?

    Ok Update: I replaced the head and base gasket with cometic gaskets and rotated my 1/4" copper reed gasket thingy that mtrehy was talking about. Problem is, I dont have a torque wrench adapter and only have a 3/8" drive automotive torque wrench so I didnt actually torque the base studs, only tightened them as snug as they would go before it felt like they were gunna snap. Now, not only am I still surging, but now it leaks all around the base. Im thinking this is because of a few things: a) I need a torque wrench and torque it right I know the base gasket is facing the right way, but maybe it's upside down c) I need to use an OEM gasket d) My cylinder is warped. (what would be symptoms if this?) e) All of the above PLEASE ANYONE WHO HAS ANY KIND OF EXPERIENCE WITH THIS CHIME IN. IF YOUR THE KINDA GUY WHO DOES HIS OWN WORK AND YOU HAVE LITTLE SECRETS OR HELL, YOU DONT EVEN TORQUE THE BOLT, YOU GO BY FEEL, LET ME KNOW. Thanks guys for any help, i know this is a total rookie question.
  9. Is it basically a beef'ed up, 4-stroke, kids bike? Beef'ed up as in upgraded forks/springs, swing arm/shock, tall bars, wide foot pegs, tall seat, bigger bore and clutch kit?
  10. DesrtRyder7

    1998 CR250 Bad head gasket causing idle surge?

    I'll check it all thank you
  11. DesrtRyder7

    1998 CR250 Bad head gasket causing idle surge?

    Awsome advice, thank you.
  12. I'm pretty sure that its a bad head gasket that is causing this but i'd like to get a second opinion and any other things i should check while I'll have the motor apart. Probably also a good time to replace the piston, rings, seals and other gaskets. I know there are plenty of threads on this, but, anyone have experience with the Namura pistons? Also, when i have the bike in gear it still surges when off the throttle and moves my bike forward with each surge as if i were revving it. Link to a video clip of my bike's idle. In the beginning its only mild but after gunning it up the hill it becomes louder. Picture of oil leaking around base of cylinder. If i dab a bunch of ultra grey around the leaking area do you guys think it'll be enough to prevent any further damage? Thanks guys Probably completely unrelated, but this is a picture of the floor underneath my bike if Im running the fuel mixture too rich. I cant seem to find the hose from where its dripping from but it always directly under my gas tank.
  13. DesrtRyder7

    Smokers... Am I doing it wrong?

    That's just about what i was going to say lol
  14. DesrtRyder7

    gear brands

    My Experiences and Opinions: I have a Leatte neck brace which i absolutely love. I have tried the EVS and didn't care for it; I let my little bro use it, he's happy. Thor boots which have surprisingly lasted several years now, but are quite uncomfortable. I recently paid $7 to have my sole re-glued which isnt bad because they have taken abuse. I go through pants and shirts like crazy, so whatever is on sale and looks good. Fox elbow and knee pads which which I've owned even longer than my Thor Boots. Two fox chest protectors which i really don't like because they break very easily where the strap connects the chest part and shoulder pad part. I'm looking into getting the troy lee chest protector because it is designed for the Leatte. My buddy has one and he loves it and it looks to be of a pretty good build qulity. And for my helmet I have a Fly Industries Helmet, which was honestly not a bad helmet at all and pretty comfortable. Now that i think about it, I am about due for a replacement. Whatever goggle are on sale. Right now i own Spy Goggles which let dust in because of vent holes on the top and bottom. I really don't like them. Oh, I heard some REALLY BAD THINGS about O'Neil. I knew this one kid who cracked his brand new helmet in one crash (he's alright luckily). And my buddy who used to have O'Neil boots, it always rips above the toes when he kickstarts his bike, same thing with my cousin (anyone who has O'Neil boots can tell you the same thing) and i currently have O'neil pants which I havent even had for 6 months and they are already showing signs of wear. O'Neil has some cheap prices but also cheap quality