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  1. gregbury

    action shots

    My 12 year old son racing in Canada......
  2. gregbury

    CRF150R problems

    My kid is 12 and an expert rider and can pretty much have his way with any 85 stock or modified....the 150 just pulls better out of the corners than the 85. Also coming off an 85 they will burn out clutches until they figure out a 4 stroke clutch then all is good. Bottom line is 150 is faster than 85's...
  3. gregbury

    Best price in California

    Can you guys let me how the best price in California for a new CRF 150 and where you got it. Probably a 2008 but if there are any new 07's.... :bonk: Cheers, Greg
  4. gregbury

    2006 CRF450R - Need Help

    I fixed it after I ripped part of the engine apart. It was from inside one of those aluminum reusable oil filters. Thanks for your help.
  5. gregbury

    2006 CRF450R - Need Help

    Hi When I was changing oil on my CRF450R a small spring about 1/4" long was in the oil filter. Does anyone know what this is and what I should do. It is not the spring on the engine side of the oil filter. Thanks for any help. Greg:bonk:
  6. gregbury

    Vancouver SX

    Yes it was great....I was there! Ricky did an unbelievable pass on JS and then left him in the dust. Did you see Tyler Evans get into a fight after he took out #168 in the LCQ....it was epic. The track crew had to break it up...I thought I was at a hockey game.
  7. I have a little problem. I am buying an 07 CRF450R the day before I have to race it...no choice. What is the best way to break it in without spending to much time on it? Any suggestions would be great and appreciated. Thanks:foul:
  8. gregbury

    Short Guy - CRF 450R Seat

    Hey Guys, I am buying an '07 CRF450R and I 5'7" tall and cannot touch the ground. Is there a seat or something else I should do to reach the ground or at least get closer. Thanks for the help.
  9. Does anyone know the best place to buy an '06 CRF 450R around Salt Lake City, St Georges or Las Vegas? Best price and good guys. Thanks:thumbsup:
  10. gregbury

    Should I pick up a 2006?

    Where are these CRF 450 for $5100...please let me know. Thanks
  11. Hey guys, What are the best prices you guys are getting on the '06 and'07 CRF 450R and where are you located. Price before tax would be good. Thanks:eek:
  12. gregbury

    Old guy buying CRF 450R

    You guys are great!
  13. gregbury

    Old guy buying CRF 450R

    I am 5'7" and about 170-175 lbs....Is being this short going to cause many issues....
  14. gregbury

    Old guy buying CRF 450R

    Hey, I am 46 and got into this sport two years ago and currently have an 05 CRF 250R. I am buying a new bike and want some advice on moving to a 450. I am tried of the fat old guys kicking my butt on the holeshot. Is is smart for me to upgrade...I love this sport and I want to go faster. Let me know what you old guys think.
  15. gregbury

    Squeaky Rear Suspension - CRF 250R

    Bad answer...but grease what and where?