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  1. Wooz

    Rainbow Trail Conditions

    Thanks guys for the excellent information....headed West!
  2. Anyone know if the trail is clear yet out of Salida??
  3. Wooz

    Problem Mounting Trials Tire

    I have the lower nut on the valve stem. The one that screws right next to the tube and stays inside the wheel. Normally I keep the other nut screwed up tight to the bottom of the valve stem cap which leaves about 1/4" of stem showing.....between the rim and bottom of the nut. With the problem I'm having, there is no room for the nut and cap. With the nut on and 10 psi in the tire there is so much pressure pulling back on the stem that I'm afraid I would rip the stem out.....
  4. Wooz

    Problem Mounting Trials Tire

    well I tried again. Dismounted one side and partially inflated UHD tube. Everything looked normal. Remounted with same result. Took the UHD tube out and put a Bridgestone Heavy Duty 100/100/18 tube in. Same basic result. Took that tube out and tried a MSR (vee ruber) 110/100/18 tube in. The stem still sticks out fully when not inflated or inflated past 20 psi. at 15psi about 5/8" sticks out. at 10 psi barely 1/2" sticks out. Enough to put a valve cap on but the cap bottoms on the rim. Do all you guys running Ultra Heavy Duty tubes run 100/100/18 with a 4.0x18 tire? I keep thinking it's the tube size....What am I doing wrong?......
  5. Wooz

    Problem Mounting Trials Tire

    I will try that Sunday when I have some time. Thanks for the good idea...
  6. I mounted a Pirelli 4.0x18 tire with Bridgestone Ultra heavy tube 100/100x18. Excel rim. When I inflate to 15psi everything is perfect. When I air down to 8-10 psi, the valve stem sucks back into the wheel where only a 1/4" is left sticking out. I didn't have this problem with the factory Pirelli tube. Anyone know what's going on and how I can fix it?? Thanks, Ken
  7. Great ride at Rampart on Thursday 11/17 There is still quite a bit of snow but certainly some good riding. {Although glad I didn't take the Wife} Trails on the West side of Rampart road have less snow than the trails on the East side. Parked in main lot at North end. I rode 627-686-674-675-679-Jackson Crk Rd (icy/snow packed)-649-650-677b-677a-674-627 48 miles total in 3:13 There are a few big trees down and it gets cool and dark quickly after 4:00 pm I had great traction with my trials tire in most areas. Have fun....
  8. Wooz

    Rampart Gates open

    Hey Ksquared, That was me coming at you on the KTM at 3:23 into the clip "close call with girl on the quad" I was working hard to slow down after landing the woop, getting to my side of the trail, and my closed fist up to let you know I was riding alone. I was probably only going 18 mph but your clip shows how fast things happen.....one of the reasons I don't visit the Sprucewood Inn until after riding. Nice video and another great day at Rampart. See ya next time, Wooz
  9. Wooz

    08 WR 250F Clutch issue.

    I feel your pain. I fought this same problem on my 06 wr250f. I did all the mods - washers, drilled holes in the hub, inspected plates, talked to Yamaha mechanics, different oils, GYTR outer clutch pressure plate,etc. Bottom line is some have the problem some don't. Switching to full synthetic Silkolene seemed to help the most. In my opinion it has to be the clutch plates. I finally put Hinson clutch plates in and my bike has been perfect for 3 years. Hinson recomends non synthetic oil but I still use synthetic although Mobil 1 because it's cheaper and easier for ME to find. My clutch now works the way it should have when I rolled it out of the showroom! Good luck.
  10. so my son takes a header off his bike and bends the wheel pretty good. I got that straightened out but now see the front brake is rubbing badly. I have tried the plier method with no real success. OEM is $118. Can't find an aftermarket replacement. Does the 140L share the same front hub with another Kawasaki so I could find a cheaper aftermarket disc?? Thanks....oh ps, the kid wasn't hurt......
  11. Wooz

    packing lunch? what do you bring?

    That's funny..... as long as I'm not coming the opposite direction...... I know peanut m&m's arn't good as the candy coating chips off with all the bouncing around.
  12. well maybe I should get a db meter instead I have shied away from ear plugs as listening out for other bikes is a defense mechanism with our 2 way trails here in CO. I would love a meatier mid band on the 250f but don't want more noise.
  13. Yes that helps a bunch. Doesn't look like a traditional dirt bike muffler. I think I'm just going to pop for a FMF Q4 so I know it will be quiet and can repack. Thanks for the help.
  14. I did try the search first and find conflicting info there too. Seems like people "think" it can be repacked or "think" it is just baffles but no one seems to know for sure.... I was hoping someone had acutually taken an 06 wr apart. I have about 200 hours on my stock muffler and it is starting to get a little too loud....or maybe I'm just getting a little too sensitive......after taking the end apart it does look more like baffles but to be sure I need to drill some rivets. thanks for the help.
  15. Wow, can't believe no one has had one of these apart. I guess I'll drill em out and take a look....I'll let you know.