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  1. mr2td

    full tank of fuel = mileage??

    Mine gets about 55 mpg (on the street).
  2. mr2td

    150R with lights

    It's been a while, but it looks similar. Mine was actually a Moose branded one, but from what I understand they are just rebadged Electrosport stators. I don't have a regulator. Was going to add one, but haven't had any problems with the headlights blowing out or anything. I actually set mine up as a split system. The AC coming out of the stator runs the low beam/high beam headlights directly. I also have a rectifier/regulator to run a horn, turn signals, and tail/stop lights on DC (I have a small battery mounted inside the airbox). I tried running the headlight on DC but AC worked much better. I'm just outside Columbus.
  3. mr2td

    150R with lights

    Yep. I am running a Acerbis Cyclops headlight (replaced the 55W with 35W bulbs) using a Moose/Electrosport lighting coil, I believe it is 50W or something like that. It's a little dim at idle but once you get the revs up it's surprisingly bright. I have no problems riding it at night - mine's street legal. Still using the factory flywheel.