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  1. Orangevale

    Immagine getting paid for this....

    I have noticed that litter is a bigger problem all over the nation now than it used to be. I grew up in Colorado and was shocked to see a parking spot in the mountains overlooking Denver looking more like a dump than a hang out. We used to care for the mountains. All this talk about environmental clean up and what the older generation used to do and I look around and it makes me remember a commericial in the 70's/80's that showed an American Indian looking over trash covered areas with a tear falling down his face.
  2. Orangevale

    Two DRZs (Ride Report & Photos)

    That old bridge structure looks more like a gun emplacement from the 1800s Thanks! Makes me even more anxious to visit your area!
  3. Orangevale

    Extended warranty

    Thanks...the advice makes sense and I think I'll put my $500 into mods as suggested.
  4. Orangevale

    Extended warranty

    Just bought a 2006 DRZ400SM new from the dealer. They offered me an extended warranty for $500. I told them I'll check with you guys first. Any recommendations on buying an extended warranty? Price, company etc?
  5. Orangevale

    I wondered, I went and i finally did it!!!

    Yup, but I was considering what would have happened if I did that in my first year of riding
  6. Orangevale

    Cold weather glove recommendations

    Also, using a liner under the glove, no matter how thick it is, makes a big difference in my experience.
  7. Orangevale

    DR-Z400S vs. DR-Z400SM

    Well, I just bought the DRZ400SM with a complete set of DRZ400S Wheels with SM Rotors for the change over to enduro, or DS...or whatever you wanna call pavement to dirt. I am stoked and glad my FJR1300 will have a stablemate that I think complements her really well. Edit: Btw, thanks to all those that have written about the SM to Enduro conversion. The hubs of the SM are identical to the S and there's the key.
  8. Orangevale

    I wondered, I went and i finally did it!!!

    ATGATT (All the gear all the time) MSF (Motorcycle Safety Foundation beginner course) LOOK to where you are going with a level head (lean your body, not your head into a turn) DONT fixate on anything...Look where you want the bike to go and it will go there, look at what you don't want to hit, and you'll hit it. DONT shift while turning...especially downshift.
  9. Orangevale

    DR-Z400S vs. DR-Z400SM

    Nevermind the following...found the answer in another thread: Get S wheels and a second set of rotors for the brakes. Does anyone have a conversion list for the SM to dirt conversion? Can you just remove the caliper relocator and put the caliper on the forks as usual with the standard size S rotor? I am another street rider going to dirt for fishing purposes and I might as well have 2 bikes for the price of a little more than one. In fact, I can get the SM plus a set of wheels and stuff for the same price as a Yamaha WR450. Very diff bikes but the WR 450 is not street legal in Cali. I heard from a friend who rides mostly dirt and he has an S model. He rode the SM on dirt that was converted an now wishes he got the SM. Yup...that was the deciding factor for me...his experience. Help here would be appreciated. I think I'm going aftermarket wheels instead of the factory S wheels.
  10. Orangevale

    New 06 WR450 Owner

    I was going to post my intro too, but found that yours was about the same as mine would be so: +1