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  1. EDS

    Ktm closed cartridge question

    off road only in Wales sells a nitrogen needle kit.
  2. Yes, new clamps are for new front fender.
  3. Sorry no I havent tried a showa spring. 150 psi is a good starting point. WP specifies 10bar or 142psi other shocks require differing pressures.
  4. EDS

    Help me understand wp cc

    Oh dear! so little knowledge so much to learn Good luck!
  5. EXc or SXF? Euro or US? Download the manual from KTM, shock spec is on there. SXF, linkage shock is either 486mm (US) or 490mm (EU). PDS shock on EXC is 417mm.
  6. EDS

    Low Mileage - What to do?

    I believe that the N2ZL is a half step leaner, so clip 4 is halfway between clip 3 and 4 on the K needle. In your location I would go straight to clip 3 on the N2ZK.
  7. EDS

    Low Mileage - What to do?

    jetting is the key, go to pj: 35, mj: 162, needle: N2ZL, 4th clip then test by doing plug chops, at 70degrees you can probably go leaner still, Test!
  8. Try ; Fork: comp set on 18 clicks out and reb set on 18 clicks out. This might be a bit fast on rebound but will give much more plush feel initially and through the mid stroke. Shock: low speed comp 15, hi speed comp 2, rebound 15 and a rider sag of 105. Hope this helps.
  9. EDS

    Ktm suspension

    As gmoss states the book is waaay wrong. The rider sag figure is the key, and starting with 115 is a good place to start. The 120mm sag works very well in deep, deep sand. However the bike will struggle to turn with this amount of sag. So start with 115 and work from there. Also the 62/250 spring is the spring to try first for your weight.
  10. EDS

    Replacement batt for my 300

    Should be okay, in the Utah heat. Just try and keep the battery cool, they work better cold. As I said above the more they crank the stronger they seem to get!?!
  11. EDS

    02 200 EXC Fork Tuning Time (WP 43mm)

    Pull them apart, post up the stacks and we can go from there. Post Comp, mid and rebound. Also be good to see what you think of them stock. And to know what type of riding you do and what level you are!
  12. EDS

    Ktm suspension

    Your ktech spring is a good spring. To check wether it is correct for your weight you need to set the static and rider sag. Set the static sag to 35mm and then measure what the rider sag is. Post the numbers up here and we can go from there. Rider sag on your bike should be between 112 and 120mm, depending on type of riding (sand, hardpack) your ability and how you like your bike to steer.
  13. EDS

    Replacement batt for my 300

    If you ordered the Yuasu YTZ7 then you have a great battery coming, however it weighs a ton. The shorai packaging is heavier than the battery and it works well. I have the 9 and it fires the bike up everytime, even in Scotlands minus temps. Also the Shorai works better the longer you use it. It warms up after the first crank and just gets better...
  14. Pull them apart and post the stacks and we can go from there. Post the Comp, Mid and Rebound stacks.
  15. Jump face is High Speed. Velocity = Displacement/Time, so hitting a log that moves the rear wheel 6 inches in 1 second is relatively low speed when compared to the jump face which will bottom the suspension out in the same time frame, so 12 - 13 inches in less than a second. Look at pictures of any jump face and most rear suspension is almost bottomed out as the bike hits the face.