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  1. yea deffenitly i got mine and are worth every bit of the $550 ill never wear anything ever again or ride with out them ive had some bad whip outs and everything else got hurt but not my knees love them
  2. does anyone know the website for the shop in saugus ca or if there is even a shop there they said its calles saugus mx any info would be great thanks
  3. 05 crf450 and a gsxr 1000 sweet bikes
  4. had my crf 450 not one prob with it how good does your friend take care of his bike how offten does he change the oil and how did he break it in
  5. grow a set of nuts and just hit it you dont know what you can do till you try it i think i consentrate more on doubles than on tables i jump smoother and land better but thats just my outlook
  6. i know the prob my friend had the same thing sell your suzuki and buy a honda will never happen again
  7. what kind of bike is it
  8. how long are you wide open for??? is the bike still pulling?????
  9. yea that stock tire sucks. also i find it helps to be on the front brake a little so in droppes the front in down works for me