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  1. Schwiedop

    Bike and I took a swim, now it won't start.

    iknow i had the same prblem. put in 3rd gear and push it to get the water out of the block. get an air hose and blow it in where the spark plug is. or take the spark plug out and keep kick starting it.
  2. Schwiedop

    whut do u guys do about breaking bumps

    normaly leaning back helps my centering all your weight on the back of the bike because its easier to control.
  3. Schwiedop

    Brake Pedal Pivot Bolt - Am I Screwed ;)

    was the bolt originaly hard to get in? you could have stripped out the treads like i did to my clutch lever.
  4. Schwiedop

    How to get exhaust off bike????

    well, if you are machinically challanged like me, i would run up to a store and buy an allen rachet. otherwise, borrow on from a friend. do you got the regs that look like L's? did you try the short side?
  5. normaly if have have a title and all the required lights and blinkers, they should let you. but i dont live near you and i ride a quad but do the new bikes have titles?
  6. Schwiedop

    How to get exhaust off bike????

    do you have an allen head rachet?
  7. Schwiedop

    new/old bike

    yamaha tt 500 is awsome. my bud is selling one for $450. i rode it and its kinda stiff. i would buy it but i dont got the cash for one.
  8. Schwiedop

    ONE industries Trooper helmet

    that helmet is pretty cool, but i like it in blue
  9. Schwiedop

    Turning in the Air

    just go ride your bike