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  1. So I finally purchased the 03' Cam for my 01 YZ250F. During the installation process, the manual instructs you to check the timing by finding the index mark indicatiing TDC and line it up while the "dots" on the intake and exhaust cams are also lined up at the edge of the case. Well, the mark in the book is not what the mark on my bike looks like. It looks like an H and an I. Where is it supposed to bet set at? I know that piston is at TDC when it lines up with the first line of the H. Any thoughts or comments would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Anyone order parts through TT on-line store? I just ordered the auto-decomp cam for my YZ250F and I am wondering how long I will have to wait to get it. I am in Ohio.....so how long do you guys think? Silver 7
  3. Silver7

    The Best Spark Plug?

    Pricing from an on-line shop. NGK IX iridium 4218 CR8EIX .028 $6.95 NGK Traditional spark plug 1275 CR8E .028 $3.98
  4. Silver7

    The Best Spark Plug?

    I was wondering......what is the best spark plug for the YZ/WR 250F? What are you guys using?
  5. Silver7

    Cam Replacement, Good Buy?

    What exactly is the diefference in the 03 and 01 cam?
  6. Silver7

    Cam Replacement, Good Buy?

    These should make my ride easier to start right?
  7. Hey guys, I have a 2001 YZ 250F that is hard to start . A lot of people are saying to replace the cam with a newer one from 2003 and up. I am thinking about doing this, but need a little help. I have included a link to an ebay listing that I think will do the job. What do you guys think? I asked the seller what year they are from and he indicated that it came out of a 2004. This is the link: YZ 250F Hot Cams Thanks!