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  1. As a DR owner, about 225lbs, I would say that the Husky 510 is a FAR superior bike. I had a 510 and loved it, the DR has less grunt, not as good on the street, etc. I guess my biggest consideration would be service, do you have a good shop near by, with parts in stock. My experience is that Husky parts were very hard to come by when I had my bike, and now that I live iabout 180 miles from the nearest Husky shop, that was a consideration when I bought my bike (DR). I sincerely believe that the Husky 510 will better suit your needs.
  2. mircetich

    Took it in the Shorts

    Well I have had my 2000 DRZ-S for about three weeks and just started riding it in the last week, noticed some issues...surges on the throttle, hard to keep steady pace, sounded like it was rich, pulled the plug and it was good. Went on a 80 mile ride and when I got to the destination the battery was totally fried. Bump started it and took it to the local repair shop and here we go: New battery New Stator Change Oil Repair Carb and a $700 bill. Now I know this is nobody's fault but my own, I paid a premium for the bike ($2900) with 9k on it but the previous owned was the origional and kept impeccable notes on what he did, how much he paid and when he did it. And very few DS bikes in the area... But it does not make it hurt any less, just had to get it off my chest.... For a guy that is relatively unfamilliar with this bike and the mechanics of it, yet can learn relatively fast, is there anything else I should be aware of? Any issues that may creap up or look out for?
  3. mircetich

    Diesel versus Gasoline Economics

    One thing that I have yet to see on the first page is the longevity of the Diesel: Assuming one goes with the Cummings the first major overhaul is scheduled at 350,000 miles, and the Ford is not until 225,000(I think), that means if you can keep the truck long enough there is that. Gas motors just do not last that long. Again, one should go with the diesel if they do much towing, carrying, or traveling (the mileage will reduce the cost of the road trip). Also as one leaves Calif, the cost of diesel is significantly lower than the gas. Also, if you are towing or carrying a heavy load like a cabover camper, the mileage will not fluctuate as much as a gas motor, it will remain rather constant. For exampt, I have a 03 Cummings, with a cabover camper, towing a boat I aveerage 19.2MPG, without the geat I get 21.1MPG. A friend has the Dodge HEMI (360), manages 14MPG unloaded and 8MPG with the same load, the trucks are both 2500's.
  4. mircetich

    Trail Tools and noob

    Hi all, Just picked up my new (to me) and first dual sport 2000 DRZ400S, 10k mi jet kit and Pro Circut T4, wel I have a few questions since this is all new to me. Comming from a stree background, and mostly Ducati's, I just too the bike out for a short (10 mi) ride. I was wondering if there is a trail/bike tool kit available for this bike I can take with me, strap to the bike, and I have a question about the jetting for the carb. Here at sea level, it seems that the bike sputters/pops a little while idleing, not steady idle. But all power is there through the rev band and it appears to be running fine, is this normal or could it be a bit lean? What ever advice given would be greatly appreciated. Regarding anything would be great! Thanks Jon
  5. Hi all, new to the board and the dual sport world, i just bought a 2001 DRZ400S and would like suggestions on where to get some hard panniers and tail rack. Looks like a great site and most informative, I am in Humboldt County Ca, and hoping to travel the back counntry on my bike. Thanks in advance