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  1. bramblett03

    Best place to buy new CRF 450??

    Dothan power sports, in Dothan Al is has the best prices in that area. I lived in the panhandle for many years, and bought all my bikes there.
  2. About 2 1/2 years ago I had surgery on my left knee for an ACL reconstruction. I had the nerve block done and ever since then I have had "pins and needles" feeling in my leg from around the knee down to my toes, almost like when your foot is asleep. I have seen about 3 different doctors about this and they all said they weren't sure. I had a nerve test done on my leg and it checked out fine, and I have tried many different kinds of meds. I was told they think it might have been caused by the nerve block, but was told they could not be for sure. I recently had the same thing done on my right knee, and chose not to have the nerve block and it feels great! I'm currently taking Lyrica it seems to help some but still this is driving me crazy, sometimes the pain is so bad I have trouble sleeping. Anyway I was wondering if you have ever heard of this problem? Thanks for you time!
  3. bramblett03

    Is This Allowed

    Thanks for the info, that answers my question perfectly!
  4. bramblett03

    Supercross Is This Allowed

    After the first turn crash at Daytona when Stewart remounted his bike a guy was holding the bike up for him while he was trying to get the bike started. Also the guy pushed him for a few feet once he got it started. I was wondering if this was allowed? Seems like the rider would have to start the bike under his own power, and as for the push by the dude it seems unfair because I know that clutch was smoking hot after that start. I can see picking the bike up for the rider during a big crash or pile up, but a helping push is just kinda to much help. Anyway what do you guys think?
  5. bramblett03

    My New Boots

    Got to love that Simple Green!
  6. bramblett03

    WHERE DO YOU RIDE (tracks crazy hills etc.)

    Nice pics man! I moving to New Mexico in July. What area do you live at?
  7. bramblett03

    My New Boots

    They are size 9, but they are more like a 9 1/2
  8. bramblett03

    My New Boots

    I finally got some new boots, I just hope they work as good as they look!
  9. bramblett03

    Funny Endo

    I found this online, thought I would share
  10. bramblett03

    Let's see the carnage!

    This is after a right ACL. I have tore both of them in two years. I'm so sick of this LOL.
  11. bramblett03

    Asv C5 Pro Levers

    Yeah I think I might switch, the pull is heavier than I like. I knew I should have went with sunline.
  12. bramblett03

    Asv C5 Pro Levers

    I just installed a set of C5 Pro levers on my bike and I'm not really satisfied. They seem like the quality is not as good as some of the other levers I've seen like Sunline. Does anyone else feel this way or do you guys like ASV levers? I guess my real question is what levers do you guys recommend?
  13. bramblett03

    Who Has The Best Looking White Yamaha

    D.I.D. I'M not done with the bike I got a lot of stuff to add this week.