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    Help.. 04 450SM has lost its spark

    Thanks for the suggestions guys. I havent had time in the last few days to work on it, but I should be able to get at it in a day or so. I`ll let ya know my findings. How do the Valves "go"? And how would that affect my Compression?
  2. I`m baffled. The bike was running perfect then it just died. It gave no warning at all. I had been riding for 12 kms and was taking it pretty easy.I was slowing down for a stop sign and it just quit and hasnt fired since. It didnt backfire or stumble or anything, it just shut off. I checked for spark and there wasnt any so I figured maybe the plug was shot..some luck there, but not much. A new plug showed a very weak spark but wouldnt fire the motor when i put it in and after i took it out there no sign of spark. Since then it has shown a weak spark intermitantly, but more often than not there is no spark. I`ve checked the Coil, Plug wire and connections and they are all good. I looked for a rubbed through wire that may have caused a short but never saw any. My next move is to check for a broken wire somewhere. I did a search and have read about magnet troubles on the flywheel of older 410`s. Could it be a possiblity on my 04 450? Thanks for any suggestions.
  3. I`m looking for an Aluminum shift lever for an 02 LC4. Moose and a few others make Steel ones, but I`m wanting an Ally one. So far I`ve only been able to find 3 brands, Sunline, MSR, and Outlaw Racing, that have them but it is clear as mud as to whether they work on the LC4. I`ve gotten answers ranging from "it should" to " I`m not too sure", to " I dont know". Does anyone around here know what will work? Thanks.