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  1. Cr125_Rider

    15 y/o WorkOut Plan

    thankyou so much dude! i am going to try and follow your workout as you said and see if i improve! i will let you know how i get on! thanks again! tom
  2. Cr125_Rider

    Lower Back Pain

    I went on 5 mile run the other day, i only ussualy go around 2 though. I did all my stretches before and after. The day after i started to get a really bad aching /pain in my lowe back. It has stayed there for these past 2 days as well. I have taken iburprofen for pain relief and have rested for the past 2 days but i am riding in 2 days time. Is there anyway i can get rid of the pain in a couple of days, isit just a case of resting? Tom
  3. Cr125_Rider

    15 y/o WorkOut Plan

    i want to do weights and cardio, mainly cardio though as i do have quite good body strength already. My thighs usually ache after a ride and around my shoulders. Thanks Alot Tom
  4. Cr125_Rider

    My Bike

    cheeky haha Im from the east coast up near Hull, i ride at doncastor though, what bout u?
  5. Cr125_Rider

    My Bike

    there is that possibility but some how i don't think so do you
  6. Cr125_Rider

    My Bike

    haha, yeah i aint overly mad i was just absolutely amazed that it was there haha! It was unbelievable lol, by all means, if he had of said this is a good looking cr125, its not mine but i like it, then i wouldn't of minded lol tom
  7. Cr125_Rider

    My Bike

    its not flipping funny lol, you wouldn't be laughing if it was your bike he had stole the pictures of !
  8. Cr125_Rider

    My Bike

    www.motocross-boyz.piczo.com, Just too prove it is mine here are some more pics of me riding my bike, feel free to look through mine and my friends site too but please dont steal my pictures and say its your like that little :ride:
  9. Cr125_Rider

    My Bike

    I would just like to clarify that this bike is mine !! From searching through a few posts i was absolutely amazed to find that a person called 'coolkid' used the picture of my bike in this thread http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=482466&page=2 He stole it from www.bikepics.com where i have uploaded the picture and god knows how many people he has told it is his, but it is not his! That is my garage behind it and my mums vaulkswagon golf behind it too the cheeky little
  10. Cr125_Rider

    Best looking Honda contest!!!

    why the have you stolen a picture of my bike off bikepics and put it on this forum. What the hell do you think your doing you cheeky tom
  11. Cr125_Rider

    15 y/o WorkOut Plan

    cant anybody with some experience put me together a little training programme?
  12. Cr125_Rider

    15 y/o WorkOut Plan

    Hi there, i am 15 years old and have been riding motocross for around 4 years now. I am a little over 6 foot and weigh around 154lb's. I have decided i am going to get back into working out for motocross so i don't get so tired and ache as much after the races. I have been running around 2 miles every night for the last week or so. I don't think this is really enough for me though. I have a local gym i can go to but i don't really want to use it because i don't like the fact its always the same and i don't feel i am actually making progress because i cant see what i have done unlike running outside. I do have quite a lot of dumbbells and bars i can use at home and i have a multi gym also. I also have a rowing machine ( not working at the moment but going to fix it) that i can use. Could anybody help string together a little training programme for me to work with that is going to make my motocross riding just that little bit less tiring? I am willing to try anything and do it every day because i don't usually get aches or pains at my joints or anything after a workout. Thanks a lot! Tom
  13. Cr125_Rider

    Cr125 Top Speed

    ok guys can we bring this back to the question of the thread please...
  14. Cr125_Rider

    broken Collarbone

    i broke my collarbone last year and it was before 4 weeks in that i started stretching it. I started with basic thing like stretching my arm out completely and bring it back to my body. Just try everyday things that you would have to do, don't push it too far though but make sure you don't leave it too long!
  15. Cr125_Rider

    Cr125 2006 Problems

    wouldn't it be the other way round, the oil would settle at the top wouldn't it?