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  1. only .25 wow ok well i guess it just looks like a whole lot more! Thanks for the heads up on the gasket!
  2. First of all if these questions have been covered before please redirect me! (i did use the search feature but maybe i didnt search for the right thing?? ) Anyway first off i reused the stock petcock and it did not mate well with the ims tank (not EVEN close) so i had to make a pretty thick gasket out of what im pretty sure is gas resistant rubber, That is sort of my first question how did you all mount the petcock and did you run into troubles??? Second i see that the wings hold a lot of fuel and unless im on reserve (even then) i have almost a gallon (well .8 or so) left. Has anyone used tubing on the straw coming off the petcock to extend it to the tip of the wing on the petcock side? I know the petcock is a vacuum setup so it should draw up the straw into the carb?? Please correct me if im wrong on any assumptions!! and if im not please direct me to a way to do that and perhaps some better gasket material. Thanks all Nate:worthy:
  3. thanks for the enlightenment!
  4. I just finished installing the tank on my 2003 400 s (california model) My question is i reused the stock petcock and im wondering since it has a breather gas cap will fuel always be flowing into the carb since there is no off position or does it retain the vacuum so when you pull the gas line off the carb on the "on " position it doesn't leak? One more thing, The stock petcock need A LOT of help sealing up to the tank i took some thick rubber (pretty sure fuel resistant) and cut it to shape and squished her down with the bolts! Thanks a ton again guys
  5. Well if i decide against doing the tank is there a way to remove some yellowing? The person i got it from had stickers on it and it left ghosts of the stickers on the tank a full yellowing would be ok but its spotty and it bothers me ! haha
  6. thanks guys! Im going to try the stuff on a pair of old hand guards i was given (VERY used) and if it holds up well for a while ill try it on my tank! If any of you want a report on the progress let me know and ill start a new thread on my successes and probable failures! Nate
  7. I just bought a used 4 gallon IMS tank and its a little yellowed (its the natural color) I was wondering if anyone has put the roll on herculiner on it or even the plastics. I know theres a thread about the dulicolor stuff but i read everywhere that it just isn't as good. Any comments on the product or hopefully someone has done this before!
  8. I'm probably going to have to re read all this but thanks guys first of all! Second yes the one at the rear! And I have not removed the fuel canister yet! I set it to what the jd jet kit said to except the 4th clip a la eddie! And 2 1/2 screws out! Thanks again guys!!!
  9. first off I just didthe 3x3 mod and jd jet kit and it's a little hard to start now any suggestions? Also I just got a used IMS tank 4 gallon but there seems to e no place for the rear vacuum hose connection(where the 2 screws mount the the tank ) do I need that? Sorry for the bad formatting I'm doing this on my phone! Thanks all
  10. Well I bit the bullet and have a JD kit comming in the mail. Do you all really think i need the extended fuel screw? Input please !
  11. Thank you so much I will try that immediatly! Great tip on the hose! I'll try it later today and let ya all know how it went!
  12. Anybody at all?
  13. Sorry to double post but i had another question! I took my carb off tonight (my god what a pain!) and cleaned her out. She starts better now but i did notice that the idle screw is ALL the way in (meaning its maxed idle) and it doesn't seem to be very fast at ALL. what could cause this ??? it runs but has hesitations when accelerating and pops a little on deceleration. Thanks in advance again everyone! You guys have saved me $$$$
  14. Is that last post for me or for the post above yours? haha thanks! If it for me whats the way to go without extended fuel screw? Nate
  15. thanks guys for all the help again. Pretty sure nothings wrong! Im gonna clean the carb throughly tomorrow and see if it helps at all, it starts pretty good now (dont think i was use to magic button) But it does backfire a little bit on decel and it seems to have a but of throttle lag and bog(pilot jet?) While im in there im gonna go after the 3x3 mod and rejet what jet settings would you suggest im at sea level and ride mostly below 1000ft? Nate