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  1. 243Win

    Considering Two Luggage Options for Alaska Trip...

    I've got both, a coyote and the Wolfman stuff. Both of my DR's are set up for wolfman and the little xt225 runs the Coyote. Small bike, short trips, coyote. Wolfman for everything else.
  2. 243Win

    '05 DR won't start after new IMS tank install

    Don't be afraid to tear into that carb, once I did mine, I found it was stupid simple to clean. Just pay a little attention to how it comes apart. The most difficult part of the whole process is squeezing it back into the boots.
  3. 243Win

    Wolfman Expedition Dry Saddlebags and Racks

    I picked up the yellow ones for visibility on road AND when you look into them, it is not a black cavern. Yellow will get wear marks, it will not stay pristine. Don't know about mud stains, but not overly concerned either. Good stuff. Really happy with them.
  4. 243Win

    Considering long distance high speed commute

    Another reason not to get the gel seat, especially in your local, is that it gets hot and STAYS hot. You leave it exposed to the sun and it will still be hot a day later and that is long after it seared your rump to a well done state. Do not get the gel seat, you'll hate it for a variety of reasons. Windshield is a must for that ride.
  5. 243Win

    alright guys lets see ur dr's! put up some pics!

    Along HWY 50 in Nevada last May.
  6. So far, I've not had an issue. there is one weight on the front rim and Ive not touched it and I'm on my second set of tires on the DR. Didn't balance the tires on the xt225 either and no problems running at HWY speeds. Probably just dumb luck, but ok so far. YMMV.
  7. Prayers to Odin. A lot of pre-game chest thumping. Practice, practice, practice at home and then carry the tools with you on the bike. Beer and Aleve afterwards. Seriously. Anytime you get new tires for your offroad ride, change them yourself. You will get better at it with practice and it will be less of a mind-f*** when it happens on the trail. You'll know what to do and have the confidence to do it. On my DR650, I can swap the front in about ten minutes, takes some more time on the rear to get the safety bead broken, but about an hour overall now. The first time on my XT225 was an hour for the front, and 11hrs for the rear. I got a lot better. A bead buddy is a must. As others have said, if your are fighting it (except for breaking the bead), you are doing it wrong. Best of Luck, Slim
  8. 243Win

    gun carry?

    I see iPhones really favor the blue end of the spectrum. Have to keep that in mind as I wonder down to Moab next month. No iPhone pics!
  9. 243Win

    gun carry?

    Here are some pics of the holster arrangement on my DR650 for the T/C Contender 410 pistol. It is an Uncle Mikes Cordura shoulder holster sacrifice to make this work. It is wrapped in with only the stapping that came with the holster and has been solid. Even crash tested with out issue. Hope the pics show it okay. And this is the gun. That is a 12 inch barrel for reference.
  10. 243Win

    gun carry?

    Yeah, let me get some pics today. And that is the cool thing about the contender (Or encore for that matter), you get a lot of choices as to what you can make. Rifle, shotgun, pistol, all on one frame. I don't like the idea of a shoulder holster on a bike, I'm thinking cracked ribs. On the bike I use a mole drop pack that attaches to my belt and then straps in front of my thigh. A handgun goes in a pack on that, or one could use a holster, but the pack is more discreet. And in my long history of crashing, I don't remember a bruise or scrape on the front of my thigh. Pack doesn't get in the way either. BTW, a contender pistol, with a 14inch barrel in 223 is freakishly loud.
  11. Leave some room for expansion, or in other words, don't fill it all the way up. Place the bottle so it stays vertical and you shouldn't have any trouble. I carry four of them in tank panniers on my DR650 offroad and I've not had a problem. Gives me near six gallons capacity with my IMS tank.
  12. 243Win

    gun carry?

    Skipping most of thread and replying to the OP. With the rifling and lack of choke, the gun you speak of patterns very, very poorly. At 5 yards, non of the #7 shot we tried managed to strike the paper we shot at. We had high hopes for The Judge, but it didn't work out. What does work very, very well, but is a bit larger to carry is the T/C Contender .410/45 Colt single shot pistol. I've taken grouse out to 30yds with it out in the Olympic Peninsula last season. Since the pistol is large, I use an Uncle Mike's cordura holster strapped to my handle bars. Shells in my pocket of course.
  13. Heh, going to be doing a similar thing myself, riding from Western Washington and expect to hit Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, a whole lot of Utah, Nevada, California, Oregon and finally home. Ride starts on the 3rd of May. Solo, camping most of the way, 46 and riding a DR650. No schedule but meet the wife in Vegas on May 23rd for a couple of days. I'm figuring four to five weeks just wandering. WITH THE GEL SEAT! So get the mechanical stuff in order and then just go.
  14. Headsup on the some of the trails at Newberry Heritage Park, some of the trails there stray into the impact zone for the local rifle range up there.
  15. 243Win

    Noise after a valve adjust - DR650

    I accidently left my valves loose as I was using a long feeler guage rather than an angled one. So I ended up coming in at an angle rather than flat. It felt like a snug 8/1000's, but it was much looser. Fired up the bike, it sounded way too noisy. If noisy valves are happy, valves, well these were drunken, boisterous happy valves. Checked them again with better feeler guages and they were way loose on the exhaust. Mic your feeler gauges too, wouldn't be the first time, one wasn't what it said on the label as well.