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  1. drat205

    What to do about a front end shake?

    thanks for the advice we will try that. Davis
  2. drat205

    What to do about a front end shake?

    Chas Thank you so much for your feed back. Sounds like i am giong to have to teel my dad what you think thats interesting. I don't see him until next week. So i will post a new thread in a while and update you all. If anyone has any other suggestions please share. And chas if you find out anything please post it for me. Thanks fo rthe help and advice. Davis
  3. So i am a newbie at all of this thumper talk stuff. But I have a question And i can't seem to find the answer just through navigeting through the site. My question doesn't pertain strictly to motorcross bikes. But seeing as some talk in this forum is about suspension i imagine someone could help me out. My dad just bought a BMW 1200gs sport toring bike. He said the bike is phenominal but there is a slight shimmy in the front end when he gets in a air swap with a truck on the free way. The swap is more intense then normal. He feels like if he were to shake the bars or test the shake if you wil while this heavy vibration is going on the bike would speed wobble out of control. So my question is. would a Steering Dampaner or Stabalizer be the answer? If so what kind is the best? Please respond and thank you! Davis