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  1. jsulli91

    DRZ 1000 mile report card C+

    Do a couple mods then regrade. Have you rejetted and done the 3x3 mod yet? I think after you put just a little work into it (or more) it proubly one of the coolest toys I own.
  2. jsulli91

    radio solution??

    The Iriver I have was pretty cheap. It is 512 mb and has a built in radio.
  3. jsulli91

    road tires on standard e/s rims

    I just checked out the ebay site and it said ships to UK only. Where's a good place to get a deal on a tire like this in the US?
  4. jsulli91

    good recomendation

    Some one might have already said this, but I just purchased the Edge tail light from www.wheelingcyclesupply.com and am very happy. When I ordered it online, I clicked on the edge two which is plastic. Mr Green, the one who took care of my order actually called me because he saw that I had also ordered metal brackets for blinkers, so wanted to make sure I got the tail light I wanted. Delivery was speedy and service was great. Just thought I would add a good comment about a merchant. JS
  5. jsulli91


    oh yea sorry, It's a mesh armored jacket, its not bad but it is a little small. I also just did a search and have found alot of good lookin jackets. I guess now I am trying to debate between leather and cloth. And which gloves to get. Thanks
  6. jsulli91


    Hey guys, I need some advice on some afordable gear to use while commuting on the DRZ. My DrZ is blue so I wanna find some gear that will match. I already have a black Joe rocket which I got cause I needed protection and I found a good deal, but its time to get some new gear. I need gloves a decent summer jacket, and some pants. And should I get leather or another material. I do plan on driving to some gravel roads and doing exploring so something that can get a little dusty would not be bad. Let me know what you guys think, and if anyone is looking for a medium sized Joe rocket let me know. Thanks again guys
  7. jsulli91

    400s commuting

    Hey guys, I am also in the same boat, I just bought a 400s and love it. I am just concerned with my daily commute and wear and tear on the bike. I guess I will plan on getting a sm tire and wheel set up, for the street, but even with the tires will I be able to keep up on a road with cars traveling 70mph? I would rather put another 1k in this bike, and have the versatility of on and off-road rather than just a cruiser. It is already sey up with a chain tensioner and titaniam covers, and new cams. So with new tires, radiator gaurd and maybe a new headlight I will be ready for about anything right? Thanks for any info, and just to clarify my self I am not trying to race crotch rockets or anything, but wondered ho well it would handle on the interstate. Thanks Jason