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    Rider Protection... uh oh

    I am 60 years old and have been riding, road racing and riding dirt since 1970. I believe in all the protection, all the time, it is what I have always done. I have been out of racing/riding for about 10 years, but have returned. Ten years ago I bought a Leatt neck brace and never used it until recently. The original post referenced "turning your head into a shovel" when wearing a neck brace. I don't get that. What Am I missing there? I am a physical therapist and understand anatomy. I get the leverage on the neck with and without a neck brace. The farther the fulcrum, the less leverage available to hurt ones neck. As well, the neck brace provides protection from compression in the event of a top of the head impact. Will someone please explain to me the the problems you see with a neck brace.
  2. mikeberish

    Lectron Review 2016 yz250

    During my hard core racing days (‘80s-‘90s) we had to build and tune our own machines. Many of us experimented with Lectrons. They were as good as any carb, and maybe even the best from midrange to WOT. Not having a dedicated idle circuit we were never able to tune them for low end performance. We were roadracing and could get by with no idle or low midrange performance. Haven’t messed with Lectrons since the early ‘90s, but if they are similar to back then, I would never put one on a dirt bike. The Keihens are just too good!
  3. mikeberish

    Headlight on an RMZ450?

    Do you recall what brand it was that made you bike run bad? Did you ever find a lighting coil stator which worked well?
  4. mikeberish

    Flywheel Weight Update

    I am also looking for a flywheel weight. I talked to one guy at a race who said he had put a weight on his RMZ, but I didn't ask him where he got it. I read a post on another forum which praised the power delivery and lack of stalling with a flywheel weight. so I'm guessing one is out there. Stalling is the big problem for tight woods riding. Any other ideas for help with the stalling. gosh darn, I wish I had my RMX-250 back. Never had staling problems with that one. Mike