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  1. lmfao somthing i might try
  2. lol very creative
  3. it isn't photoshopped that pic is on transworld motocross also
  4. go to www.transworldmotocross.com then click pictures and then click the rider you want to see and it will show every pic they have of him
  5. quick time
  6. lol i know you don't like miss hilton
  7. well at least the the dirtbiker was on dirt and grass unlike the quad guy poppin wheelies on the street
  8. me being dumb on a go bike. but i wanted to give everyone a couple of laughs. i think most people will bash me for this like a quad but here you go. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DwzGuNgvv2o
  9. whose bike is that
  10. i think he knows how to. but he was panicking and had no clue what to do. i would of done the same thing.
  11. wow america has way harder tracks
  12. wow you must have lots of time on your hands
  13. why isnt any of them working
  14. he needed to lean back more when he hit the jump
  15. man bubba is so good. but so cocky