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  1. i just want to know which one has a better quit core insert and which one will be between stock muffler and real loud and still sound good and run good
  2. i would like to see what one really looks like
  3. camshaft9

    which quit pipe for drz 400s

    iv have been looking at the big gun quite series and the fmf q2 and the leo vince enduro exhaust. and i dunno which one and how they sound. i live in maine and ride alot in town and out in the country and i really want the yoshi but i dont want any trouble unless its not that loud. and yes i tryed the serch and its out of service and i need to know tonight what every one likes
  4. camshaft9

    Just did the 3x3 mod what do i do now

    i ment eddie im loged into to many forums lol i got one for everything
  5. i have a drz 400s all stock except for the 3x3 and jet kit and i ride road 5 days aweek powerline trails and sand pitts and climb hills will this help me make more snap to get the front tire over the log or come into the power band sooner when i have a short run at a hill. or is it so lit u lose all your tourqe and it wants to stall all the time
  6. i have a drz 400s and it has a 1000 miles on it and it sounds noisey. someone told me that was normal or is it time to adjust the valves.
  7. i hav a drz 400s with about a 1000 miles on it and i ride it to work it about 60 mile there and back and averge about 60 mph and im looking for a good manored tire on the road and just something better than those garbage deth wings in the dirt. i have spent the last 4 hours serching and reading and im down to the kenda k270 or the maxxis 6006. i want a more agressive dirt tire like the d606 but i dont want it to be slippery on pavemant. any other thought would be help full i do like 60%road and 40%dirt but my dirt time is extreme ruted trails mud holes rocks roots some sand but all wekk im on the road
  8. camshaft9

    Extended Fuel Mixture Screw

    i had the same thought about not getting one but i just spent the couple off bucks and it was well worth it and it made real easy to adjust
  9. camshaft9

    Just did the 3x3 mod what do i do now

    im am alredy jeted to berndes specs with the kinteck fuel mixture screw and float bowl kit
  10. I have a 2006 drz400s with stock exhaust and i live in maine i ride street in town and woods and climb gravel pit walls. i like the 3x3 mod now what else will help. i got about 300 to spend should i get a slip on or a hedaer pipe or maybee the flywheel. I just cant seem to get the mony for the carb so its not an option. if its a pipe which one and it needs to be resonably quite so what is reccomended. any thought welcome
  11. camshaft9

    rim lock for dot knobbies

    i want to put better tires on my bike right away because i play in the dirt and my standard drz400s tires are slippery but i noticed that the drz dose not have a rim lock like all my other bikes i will probly have on put in unless its not common to need one on this bike. and will adding one make really hard to balance the wheel
  12. camshaft9

    drz400s pipe

    i have a stock drz 400s and it will be a while but i would like to pipe it i need to stay quiteso i was thinking the fmf q or the white brothers e 2 dose any one have any exprinece with these how are they or can u suggest a better one
  13. camshaft9

    drz stock pipe mod

    i just bought a 2006 drz and i have about 70 miles and i want a little better bottom end will i gain any thing by cutting the end cap and can i do this without jetting