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    CRF will only pull start! HELP!

    Evidently were not running this bike, the thing left him stranded in the middle of the woods and pull starting it was the only way to get it back home; trust me I dont like burning my clutch trying to get this thing to start. This is just crazy because the thing rips when its running, is it possible the TPS went bad and would cause this? I guess ill pull it back apart and check the Decompressor for any foul play. Is there a way to run the bike without the decompressor? Im used to my Yamaha engines and after reading all these horror stories with valves on these honda 4 strokes id stick with an older Cr250 LOL
  2. TopGunnYFZ450

    CRF will only pull start! HELP!

    Hey guys im posting this for a buddy of mine, and heres the problem. Bike: 2004 CRF450 Problem: He bought this bike a few months ago and it has been running fine for except for about a week ago. The problem is it's near impossible to get this bike to start when kicking it over, the only way it will start is if I drag him behind my quad and he bump starts it. When we bump start it the bike will run great and shows no signs of anything being wrong. (Smoke, Weird noises, etc...) We started with the little things first thinking maybe the pilot jet was clogged causing it to be a PITA to start, no dice. Went through the whole carb cleaned everything spotless. Next knowing how these Honda engines are we decided to see if the vavles were out of adjustment, but they were perfect still. So this is where I come to you guys, what else would cause a no start when kicking it but runs great if you bump start it? I know theres a decomp. valve on this is there anyway that could be messed up leaking to much compression away? This bike just seems overly easy to kick over IMO, is there a way to do a compression test with a decomp valved engine? I've never performed a leak down test on anything or know how much a LD tester costs. On a side note all the bike will do is backfire and giv ea couple pops when trying to kick it over, all out the exhaust no intake backfires. Any help is appreciated!