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  1. durandal

    Honda part numbers for a clutch replacement?

    Thanks for the tip. The shop manual shows something that really does look like a gasket to me. Can anyone confirm? Concerning who to buy the parts from... the way I see it is this: The bike was manufactured in 1996, has over 36000 km of street and offroad riding, and is still on a perfect original clutch. That's quality, and I'm sold on OEM. d.
  2. durandal

    Honda part numbers for a clutch replacement?

    You are absolutely right, I have no idea why I didn't check the manual. Ok, for future reference, let's see if I can make this thread useful: Kickstarter oil seal, outer: 91202-KK0-003 (Quantity: 1) Plates: 22321-KF0-770 (Quantity: 5) Discs: 22201-MAL-600 (Quantity: 6) Springs: 22401-HB5-000 (Quantity: 4) Right hand side gskt: 11394-KCZ-000 (Quantity: 1) And nothing to do with the clutch, but for my own reference: Oil filter cover O-ring: 91302-KF0-003 (Quantity: 1) Comments or suggestions welcome. d.
  3. Hi there lads, I searched but was not lucky. I want to buy a "just in case" clutch repair kit for my 96 XR250R. I'll need the right hand side gasket, springs, clutch pads and separators. (Are there such things as separators? Pardon the ignorance). 1) Can anyone think of anything else that is relevant? 2) How many of each item? Specifically, the pads, springs and separators. Are they all the same? 3) Do you have the Honda part numbers handy? I did go to an online fiche service (specifically, servicehonda.com), but I wanted to confirm the numbers and quantities I have guessed at with people that have done this before. And yes, I want to buy from a big dealer, not eBay, and I want to get OEM parts, no aftermarket. Thanks! d. PS: I still have the 96-04 XR250R service manual in PDF, I still send it out to those that want it and have an email that can take ~15 MB emails, and I'm still looking for anyone that wants to host it to make sharing it easier. Send me a PM if you want it.
  4. durandal

    Whats the best-strongest skid plate?

    The Utah Sports Cycles bash plate for the R fits the L. I just thought I'd let people know. d.
  5. durandal

    Bike Pops A Little After Being Dumed In A Little Water

    Do you write headlines for a newspaper? Sorry, couldn't resist :-P d.
  6. Right. I've installed the new jets. 55s pilot, 155 main. I do have the 158 and I'll try it when I'm bored. I'm running a Uni filter and a disc-less race core Supertrapp IDS2 exhaust. My altitude is around 1700 m, which isn't much, but I thought I might go down 3 points on the main just to see what it was like. I've taken the bike out for a spin, and the popping on decel is completely gone, and there bike feels like it has more punch. Perhaps not more power, but like it finally came out of puberty and it's voice no longer breaks. Sorry if that was an incomprehensible metaphor. I disregarded the graph I usually use to calculate jetting changes. It's from my XR250R shop manual. Assuming a 158 main is what's needed at sea level with an uncorked bike, my altitude and air temp would suggest a 152 main according to this graph. Anyway, it's easy to over-think things. Good thing is, the bike runs great now. d.
  7. durandal

    looking for an idea

    Check to see if the rubber grommet is installed upside-down. I have the same bike, and the same tank. Also, you might have to get a pair of vice grips and bend the mounting tabs. No option but to get in there and get your hands dirty. d.
  8. durandal

    jet pt numbers for XR650L

    Right: I ordered them today. Pilots are 5.80 each, mains 4.90. Jeff's the dude answering the phone, I gave him the jet number and he asked if it was an XR650L. So yes, those are the part numbers. d.
  9. durandal

    jet pt numbers for XR650L

    As Itchykawa told me, and as I sort of eyeballed from carbparts.com fiches, here's the Keihin part numbers: Main: 99101 - 393 - * Pilot: (SHORT VERSION) N424 - 26 - * Replace * with your desired size. I'm sure Itchykawa will see this and chime in, since he's got his jets, and I'm ordering mine tomorrow. d.
  10. I consider the bike to be lean as it is right now. Excessive highway temps (when I myself am freezing), ample popping and sputtering on decel, and less power/torque than I expected, judging from people's descriptions (I'm coming from an XR250R, and yes, this is my first 650). I should, of course, check the plug. But so far I've been lazy. :-P d.
  11. I'd just like to add my 2 cents: I have done half of Dave's mods. I don't have the jets yet, but I drilled the slide, raised the needle and there is already an aftermarket pipe, filter and no snorkel on the bike. Any differences? I can't say for sure. I think so. Last week the bike went above 275 on the freeway, but today it stayed at 250. Was it warmer last week? yes. Is any of this any use to anyone? I have no idea. I also replaced the stupid phillips-head screws on the float bowl with allen head screws. (I just discovered Ace hardware. I'll be going there often in future!). This whole process has been complicated and delayed by a lack of tools. I just moved to the US some 7 months ago, and have started from absolute scratch. Everything has had to be purchased from zero (including the bike, obviously). But things are going smoothly now. And I hope I can get away somewhere on the bike for Spring Break– on a properly jetted mile-eating machine. Here's a bit of bizarre trivia: the previous owner, for some strange reason, rejetted the bike *leaner* than stock. Main: 148. Pilot: 50 S. This with a Supertrapp IDS2 race core and no discs or end cap, K&N (which I quickly replaced for a UNI), no snorkel. Granted, this is Albuquerque, 1600 metres above sea level. Not much at all, but it might warrant a tiny change. But that much? I question his his judgement! d.
  12. Thanks for the great report. As soon as I get around to looking inside my carb (to see if the P.O. changed the jets or not) I'll order those jets. The popping is irritating, and there's a flat spot somewhere on the power-vs-throttle curve that is driving me nuts. It's tiny, but I can feel it. d.
  13. durandal

    High Mileage Bikes, who's got the highest???

    I believe my friend with the 70k+ XR650L does not use synthetic, just mineral oil. d.
  14. durandal

    Color Tires on a 07 Xr650L

    Last time I ran coloured tyres... it was on my first bike. I was 6 and it had a basket on the front. :-P d.
  15. durandal

    Honda Factory Service Manual for XR 650L

    I don't monitor this thread automatically. PM me with an email account that can take 10+ MB. d.