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    klx300 Valve noise?!

    Thanks for the info! I have both service manuals on their way and will check the valve clearances and the cam chain tension. Judging by the location of the noise I'd be willing to bet it's the cam chain. Valve adjustments I can handle, but replacing a cam chain sounds tricky- hopefully the manual is detailed.
  2. I'm new to the sight- it's awesome. Just bought a 99 klx300 on Monday. Now I have noticed that it makes a heckuva lot of racket when it gets to a particular low to mid rpm. This is only after it has warmed up. It's so loud and distracting that I first thought it was a vibrating heat shield, but I'm 99% sure the noise is coming from the top of the cylinder head. The bike has about 3000 miles on it and was well maintained, including a valve adjustment before I got it. Oddly enough, I only noticed the noise just after changing the oil this morning(kawachem 20w50). At first I left the tricky little oil-filter spring out and the bike smoked like a chimney. I'm not sure if this is related to the noise, but hey? Other than that noise, the bike starts and runs like a champ. Any thoughts or suggestions??